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if you support the reluctant civilian you get the option of allowing the creation of the Citadel Millitia, armed but trained civilians and that adds to your War Assets. Not sure about the other one though.

^ I ran both, and supporting the Gung-Ho Civilian gets you nothing. Support the Reluctant Civilian to get a War Asset, like you said. RShepard227

^^ Actually, if you support the Reluctant Civilian, they volunteer to help out in the refugee camps, boosting the CDF War Asset. The Citadel Militia proposal shows up when you support the Worried Merchant over the Angry Merchant at Aegohr Munitions; allowing the proposal to go through at the Spectre Terminal also boosts your War Assets, like you said. Terminator-HIX

Supporting Gung-Ho civilian is zero-sum, no-win. The point is that the expectation for every human genome to be predisiposed to military combat is insane (listen to the convo, the girl is a good person, interested in helping the tragedy, but simply unsuited to combat owing to the fact not all human beings are fungible blobs, but different; every one has their role in times of moral testing and can offer whatever gifts they have)...

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