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Since I couldn't fit it in my first question totally: does the damage increase in the incendiary ammo (w/ a Shotgun) from the Assault Mastery "Power Intensity" surpasses the total damage from the shotgun w/bonus of AM "Shotgun Damage" (w/ Incendiary Ammo)? Also, does Barrier "Power Synergy" increases the damage from Incendiary Ammo (and/or Explosive Burst)? JShep (talk)

Damage increase from a single talent won't surpass total weapon damage. Perhaps you would want to refine your inquiry. But since, I suppose, you meant bonuses from opposing talents, here's some answers. Ammo powers benefit from passive power damage bonuses but not from the bonuses conferred by other powers or armor pieces, which means Barrier has no effect. Getting the last power evolution in Assault Mastery raises your Explosive Burst from 110 to 135 damage. If all 8 shotgun pellets connect, this is 100 bonus damage, on average (EB has 50% proc chance per bullet / pellet). The effect of the power evolution on bonus weapon damage provided by Incendiary Ammo is negligible. Now, let's compare Shotgun Damage talent. While most weapon damage bonuses (including ammo powers) are additive, effects that affect one specific gun type are usually multiplicative. Assuming Shotgun Damage works this way, and assuming an Eviscerator X without weapon damage bonuses from armor, here's an example: 80.7 * 8 pellets * 110% from Assault Mastery * 122% from Incendiary Ammo (assuming EB) = 866.4 per shot. In this case, damage bonus from Shotgun Mastery = 866.4 * 15% = 130. You need to do the math yourself for your specific weapon and armor choices. Mitranim

I should have asked in a better way but yep, I was talking "total damage" (weapon damage + damage from Incendiary Ammo).  Weapons:Claymore or Raider. Armor (none of them increases weapon/ incendiary ammo damage): Inferno or Cerberus Spirit Armor (when I finish playing Citadel DLC). Which of the Assault Mastery options does have better "total damage/final damage" (weapon damage + damage from Incendiary Ammo). Thanks  JShep (talk)

  • You see from my previous explanation that for the purposes of gun damage, the power talent can only compete with the shotgun talent as long as you're using Explosive Burst and a weak but fast shotgun (such as the Scimitar). When using stronger shotguns, bonus gun damage wins out. Mitranim
    • That makes sense. Now I will probably change my 5th option on Biotic Charge to "Weapon Synergy"(although it only lasts for 3 sec and the % is smaller) since my playstyle includes using my shotgun (wraith/claymore) for damage (and setting fire explosions) and using charge (as soon it is available) for detonating any kind of combo/ recharging shields/ getting closer for more weapon damage and sometimes "full" nova for damage and detonation. Assault Mastery: I really like "Power Intensity" - it increases damage from Incendiary ammo, nova and charge (the increased damage on charge i think it's negligible) but now i don't know if i should change. Thank you. Great explanation

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