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I believe what you are talking about is something you run into while on Tali's Loyalty Mission, you get a choice of Advanded weapons, the Revanent Machine Gun, Grunt's Shotgun, and one other, though I forget that one. You have to choose which weapon you will take with you. I chose the machine gun, at it has worked for me so far, but its up to you...

Do you mean the mission where you investigate the "wrecked" Collector Ship? Because you don't pick up anything on Tali's loyalty mission. But yes, you do get to choose one of three weapons, the M-76 Revenant (Assualt Rifle), the M-300 Claymore (Shotgun), and the M-98 Widow (Sniper Rifle). However, only the Soldier, Vanguard, and Infiltrator can pick up these weapons, with the soldier being able to pick up ANY of them, the vanguard getting the Claymore, and the infiltrator getting the Widow. The other classes, i.e sentinel, can gain the ability to use Assualt Rifles, Shotguns, or Sniper Rifles, which if you don't choose your special weapon as a vanguard or infiltrator you can also specialise in. That's probably what you mean by advanced weapons training, anyway.

I would say the Widow is the best choice for a soldier, especially if you have the mattock. K1LLERAnish 07:23, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

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