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Pardon the last retarded answer. I can see how you might think so, they have everything that appeals to the opposite gender. Also their figure might he what most would call a "lean attractiveness". Despite seeing not their faces.

Well the fact that you can only see the out line of there body has a part. I like Tali ive romanced her every playthrough but i doubt thats because of being quarian. maybe we're zenophobic if thats the term (sexually atracted to aliens)

The word is Xenophile (attracted to foreign things). Personally, I found the resolution of the Tali romance plotline to be unsatisfactory. I want to know what she looks like under the mask!

Xenophobic is the word and that's actually the opposite, that actually means hate, racism against aliens, Miranda say it itself. You mean we're xenophilics, and I can't deny it. I romanced Tali, but I believe every alien LI was better that the human ones, more meaningful, the characters are more developed, I don't know about you but Ashley, Kaidan, Miranda and Jacob... sorry, I'm not convinced... only exception is Jack, now that's a good romance too.

Now back to the topic... is actually hard to say, all we have seen is the suits, and they're all so generic, putting some examples... for younger to older could be Tali, Admiral Xen and Admiral Raan... Xen is not that old, yet it looks almost the same as Raan, and every Quarian but Tali and MAYBE Reegar are a simple pallet swap, we can't really make a judgement about if they're "hot" or not.

No, your not. But as a whole, the race is not attractive. Sure, they have all the same parts as humans, but you gotta look beyond that. Tali has personality. A cute personality, making her appealing. For now, call me Jake.

Ironic though, we wonder what quarians look like yet we like them for who they are, those suits are meant to protect and cover their features yet that helps to look beyond the suit and the skin, to the person inside...

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