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I have just grinded through Mass Effect 1 & 2 and now I'm going to play Mass Effect 3. I have all the DLC and I noticed from part 2 that they have a proper way to play them. For example: getting to see the Reaper Ship during the Arrival DLC by doing the survival mission first and helping Liara then taking over the Shadow Broker's base.

ME3's DLC isn't tied to the story as tight as in ME2, but if it were me, I'd go and get Javik after Sur'Kesh... as for Leviathan, shortly before the Cerberus coup. Will-O-Wisp (talk)

There are only two single-player, story DLCs for ME3 right now: From Ashes and Leviathan. From Ashes should probably be completed as soon as possible as it opens up a lot of dialogue, both on the Normandy and during missions. At the very least, you should have it done before the Thessia mission. I don't think Leviathan has any real effect on other missions, so it can probably be completed whenever, although you should probably do it after From Ashes.

Also, keep in mind that, unlike ME2, ME3 does not allow you to go back after the final mission and play any missions you missed. More precisely, it sends you back to just before the final two missions. So, you should definitely do the DLC before that. TheUnknown285 (talk)

I'd say do From Ashes as soon as possible. It's the recruitment of a new squadmate, which means that delaying its completion in any way may prevent you from accessing hearing some story-specific dialogue from him. As far as Leviathan goes, in that DLC Shepard is portrayed as being very desperate and anxious to secure any help against the Reapers, leading him/her to take measures that (s)he might otherwise not be inclined to consider. So I would say that thematically, Leviathan probably works best if it's completed late in the campaign, perhaps just after Priority: Rannoch.

^ I agree. I've began Leviathan storyline early in the game, and flow of the story was broken when i had to fight Banshees before going to the Ardat-Yakshi monastery. Also fighting packs of Brutes proved to be murder with my mid-level party and gear. So yeah, complete Rannoch, and maybe even Thessia before tackling the mystery of the Leviathan. 12:46, October 12, 2012 (UTC)

If you want the whole experience, you might want to wait until the Omega DLC comes out. From Ashes should be done early, either just before or after Priority: Palaven. The tone of Leviathan fits best when done after Priority: Thessia IMO, since that's the point in the story where Shep and co. are at their most desperate. Terminator-HIX (talk)

So far it depends with "From Ashes." Typically if Ash is the VS I wait until after reacquiring her to do that mission, just to have her revisit some old ghosts. However, you do get more dialogue out of Javik the earlier you recruit him (earliest you can take him on a mission is after Priority: Palaven I believe). If Kaidan is the VS I take care of the mission as early as possible. "Leviathan" I usually tackle between Rannoch and Thessia, and after having done the Ardat-Yakshi monastery. I feel it fits better before Thessia - after that you're in hot pursuit of Kai Leng and logically speaking wouldn't be spending time to track down another lead. You know that ****** has the key to completeing the Crucible, Traynor has given you a lead on him, and you're going to pursue him to the ends of the galaxy to pry it from his cold dead hands. And before you meet with the Asari councilor you still have no idea what the Catalyst is or where to find it, so it makes sense you'd divert to chase Leviathan.

And yeah, Omega's coming up at the end of November. It'll be interesting to see where that falls on the likely sequence of events. DC19 (talk)

From Ashes should be done early, so that Javik can be part of the game from as early as possible, like recruiting Zaeed the minute you land on Omega. Leviathan I'd go even further and say it takes place after Horizon. You've tracked the Illusive Man's base, and Hackett warns you that they'll have no choice but to begin the final assault on Earth immediately after Cerberus is routed. At that point Shepard has all the pieces lined up (Krogan, Quarians/Geth, Cerberus HQ in the crosshairs), he's just looking for anything additional he can add to make absolutely sure the Allied Force is ready, he only gets one shot after all. That opens up opportunities to reclaim Omega and go hunting myths. Plus Shepard seems surprised at the mention of the Reapers "serving" something else, and then not when the "intelligence" that created Harbinger is mentioned by Leviathan, indicating that Thessia comes first. RShepard227 (talk)

Then again, Shepard is still asking questions about the Catalyst, its creators, and its purpose at the very end even though Leviathan explained much of it. All that headbutting can make him/her a little dense at times ;) I still go with Leviathan between Rannoch and Thessia. The Thessia-Horizon-Cronos-Earth "hot pursuit" sequence adds some extra urgency to the endgame. DC19 (talk)

Someone had deleted my wikia so I never checked it until now.

But I'm going to go with From Ash after Sur'Kesh and then go with Leviathan after Thessia. To me it would seem like the greatest of discoveries (The Origin of the Species the Reapers used for their shape.) Should come right before comfrontation.SystematicOppression (talk)

Given the flaws in the storyline of Mass Effect 3, trying to play the DLC in such a manner that the story seems less broken seems a futile effort.

It's not as though the DLC has a considerable impact on the ending. Leviathan gives you some minor changes in the dialogue with the Catalyst, but he still can't be convinced that he's wrong. Even if you unite the Geth and the Quarians, he still thinks his "Yo, dawg" logic is the only way, even though he admits "my solution won't work, anymore."

At least, if you play the DLC "out of order" it'll be consistent with the rest of the game...

I don't know what you mean by "Yo,dawg" logic.

I have noticed two crucial pieces of information that you have to aquire to have a complete conversation with Javik. ONE: if you play through Sur-Kesh first the Protean device will be given a name. The dialog will refer to it as "The Crucible" instead of a massive Protean device if done before. TWO: Commander Shepard asks him about the Catalyst which I haven't even been told what it was or no way of him knowing what it is.

So could anyone inform me when Commander Shepard formally meets the Catalyst for the first time?

SystematicOppression (talk)

^Shepard knows about the Catalyst almost from the beginning of the game. Liara identifies it by name during the conversation with the Council after Priority: Mars. It's just that at that point, everyone is under the impression that the Catalyst is simply a component of the Crucible. Nobody is aware that it's actually a living entity residing on the Citadel.

Ok, I must have forgotten about it then. But the conversation change from "massive Protean device" to "The Crucible" happens after Priority: Sur'Kesh.

SystematicOppression (talk)

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