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Well... My best bet would be that BioWare would be adding in additional cutscenes for the original ending to clear up the confusion and plot-holes. Orbrital

  • Yes, that's what they said, but truly - how can you clear so much nonsense and so many plotholes in just one DLC? Not possible... Simi21

I believe that BioWare itself confirmed that the endings will not be changed in any way. The artistic value would get lost and I follow them completely in that. The endings are good, but too short-sighted and espescially less in time compared to the storytelling.

I believe several additional cutscenes will be added to the game that will be triggered to your playing style (there should be renegade and paragon cutscenes included) and bring closure and answers to more than just how the Reapers end. Things such as why Joker is actually not in orbit from Earth anymore, and deeply in myself, I hope for closure for each crewmember (that survived, that is) and more information of 'what happens next' in the universe of ME.

All they're really doing is adding closure so we actually know what happened to everyone. However, recent (within the last month) tweets by Jessica Merizan and Patrick Weekes suggest that the EC may make the endings less sad than they seemed at face value. Namely, a Shepard and Normandy squad/crew reunion may be possible.

We know that the Shepard voice actors are recording in the studio, so hopefully we will see a living Shep after all, at least after the destroy ending. It has to happen after we shoot the tube (because previously we followed Shep virtually everywhere...). Thus I am hoping that Bioware will not overthink this and only add some reunion scenes, perhaps a cut to the future. More on the facts, in the poll that Bioware was conducting among others there was a question "What do you think about the indoctrination theory". They are acknowledging it, and since one of the possible answers was that we find it to be a good explanation to the multiple plotholes, they might be actually reconsidering this ending? Pure speculation, but we don't have much to go on. I would like to put it out there as well (someone came up with this idea), you know after you choose one of the endings and shoot/synthesise in the tube, maybe the explosion was not so severe as to destroy the room Shepard was in? Perhaps he had time to run from that room back to the stream and get back to Earth? What would explain why his surroundings don't look like the Citadel, how he managed to survive. After all, there was no more oxygen on the destroyed Citadel. (Again, this is just some ideas that I have read) To sum up, anything can happen. Indoctrination theory may be revived, the Shep running to the stream cutscene and everything that followed, or simply some sad funeral scenes for people who chose synthesis or control... Also, aren't the two squadmates who went with you to final approach dead? Well, if I see Liara and Garrus being buried in that DLC, I swear I am going to go there and kick Bioware in the face. TheCutscenePistolOfDoom

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