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I believe somebody asked Mike Gamble this question on Twitter a while back and he said "maybe". So, we don't know for sure one way or another. Not yet.

Aw dude, that would be wicked! I would love an Indra SR for my insanity run. Thunder (talk)

  • You can get the Indra if you are playing on a PC... LeoJo (talk)

  • Sigh* Why a "maybe"? It would be the easiest thing for them to do.

It would also be nice, if they could incorporate the new N7 classes in either a expansion or in dlc for SP. My Shepard with a shield, oh Snap Freeze!

I think the MP is partly a trial run for possible SP additions via DLC, to determin wether or not to incorporate a skill from MP into a new squadmembers skillset an a possible BonusPower for Shepard, same goes for the weapons.

While MP looks like fun (my conections is way to buggy for me to join the mayhem...) I think it is also to check whether or not a weapon works for SP.

That said I'd like to try out the harrier MG, Geth Plasma SMG or the Krysae SR, so that maybe my soldier would finally be fun to play...

Tanis84 (talk)

I imagine at least part of the reluctance to bring MP weapons into SP may stem from the fact that that the single-player campaign is already fairly well-balanced with the weapons that are at its disposal. Some of the MP weapons (particularly the newest ones) are exceedingly powerful, much more so than most of the weapons that are available in SP. This is suitable for MP matches, which can generally be much more difficult than the single-player campaign, but bringing some of those super powerful weapons into SP risks breaking the game's balance and just turning it into a DPS-fest. The addition of these weapons would work mostly for novelty's sake.

^The singleplayer already has game-breakingly powerful weapons, though. The Particle Rifle (when given to squadmates) and Falcon (because the SP version's rate of fire isn't nerfed), just to name two. Doofe2012 (talk)

  • That's true, but the Falcon is literally the last gun you find in the game and the Particle Rifle still takes a while to unlock. Dropping in a weapon-pack DLC like ME2 did that allowed you to take the Reegar or Typhoon on Mars would mean that other weapons, especially the ones you don't find until late in the game or the three you need to buy at the Specter office would suddenly have all of their thunder stolen. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • Yeah, one you get in the second last mission, and the other's DLC. There's no point in throwing all semblence of balance out the window by bringing guns like the Harrier and Reegar Carbine into SP, other than "it would be cool". Unless they threw in another difficulty mode harder than Insanity or something like that. The system works pretty well as is, why change it? Terminator-HIX

Well, looks like BioWare are going to do it after all, because they've just announced the Firefight Pack. That means I can finally try out a Cerberus Harrier XD Terminator-HIX

  • Interesting. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • There's a couple of new guns in the pack, too: the Blood Pack Punisher SMG and the Adas Anti-Synthetic AR. For anyone that didn't preorder the game, we'll be able to get the AT-12 Raider and M-55 Argus when the Leviathan DLC comes out in the next month or two =) Terminator-HIX
  • they actually put the three weapons I wanted to try out in it. Now if they give me a character that can provide me with Shadow Strike as a bonus power... Tanis84 (talk)
  • Sign your posts with three tildes, not four. Gets rid of the unnecessary timestamps :) Terminator-HIX
  • It'd be nice to have the occassional time stamp, or at least one at the first post so we can see how long ago the discussion was for necro'd threads. Also, SP is already broke, lemme have my AR omniblade for the cool factor! Besides, the spectre weapons are already near worthless due to their cost in comparison with weapons you find, unless you edit the AI behavior for weapons the particle rifle is the only one you need for squadmates, and Shep has enough powers to play the game without using anything more than an Avenger 1. Just my 2 cred's on both topics...
    • Nope, there's no need for timestamps because you can always access page's history to see when each edit was made. Timestamps are just unnecessary clutter.

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