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I mean a combat drone could honestly do more than it and it has a far faster recharge speed.

Haven't played engineer myself, but the sentry seems like a decent distraction in mp. But I guess they'll change the classes anyway. Right now they're totally imbalanced.

They have different focuses, yes? Combat Drone is more intended to draw enemy fire and harass enemies and such, while Sentry Turret is meant to be more of an offensive ability. At least, that's what I'd be inclined to think at the moment, not having played as an Engineer yet.

^Thats what i thought too and while i havent tested in MP in singleplayer it really didnt work out compared to the combat drone it barely cause damage and really didnt distract much, i wish it was more like the cerberus engineer one :(

^That's what I thought initially, but by the time you max it, they do some serious damage, you can have a rocket launcher or a flamethrower for it. Anish

I doubt it would be an offensive ability. The Cerberus engineers seem to deploy them as a form of fire support from what I've seen.

i use the human engi because the level ups carry through both characters and use my upgrade points on the sentry.

The Sentry Turret is a way to control the battlefield. Deploy it far from you position so it has an angle on enemies that are taking cover from the squad. The Combat drone physically goes to flush enemies out of cover and/or to draw fire. Having both effectively gives your squad two extra members. Additionally, the Sentry Turret is deployed as a grenade, so you do not have to emplace it like the Cerberus Combat Engineers do with theirs. The tradeoff is likely that the Cerberus turrets are tougher and deal more damage (prior to rocket or flamethrower upgrades).

^ True i was also just in a match on PC and i saw a teamate throw down the turret to cover the doorway and thats where it stayed where as the drone would just charge in ahead im starting to see some more practical uses, such as holding a hallway while hacking a objective or in singleplayer throwing it down to distract and harm the enemies while you as a engineer work on turning their technology against them and breaking down shields. is devastating when the enemy uses it

^ It's not the same turret. RShepard227

I played a few matches where an Engineer stuck one in the hallway of the Noveria base, just inside the upper entrance. He was able to sit back and drum his banjo (TF2 reference) while I covered the west path with a sniper rifle and our other teammate covered the landing pad. So no, the sentry turret is not useless. RShepard227

I've not yet got much use out of the Engineers, they're my lowest-level class, currently. I've seen some good uses for it, though. In Firebase White, you can use it to cover the landing area while you and your teammates clear out the hallway and cover the area below the platform. It can also be used to trash the Atlases from behind while you draw fire from the front. It's also fun to lay a singularity that catches a bunch of enemies and have an Engineer lay a turret to kill them while they're helpless. Dereisenherz 17:18, February 24, 2012 (UTC)

In single player/with Shepard, it'll make a nice distraction. Allow your team to take cover while the enemy is distracted. It could probably turn the guardians around or allow you to aim your powers on enemies that come out of cover.

Nothing wrong with using both turret and combat drone at the same time. And both of them do significant damage when properly upgraded - while not getting in the way of you shooting, incinerating, or chain neural shocking. Also the turret can set up cryo explosions. Pointless power at level 1, awesome at level 6.

The only positive thing the turret has is a flamethrower, but it's awesome. Flamethrower can do a ton of damage, it hits several targets in a straight line, panics them and sets up tech explosions. The limited range is mitigated by the fact that you can quickly re-deploy it. In every other firing mode (bullets and rockets) the turret is not worth it, however. Mitranim

In single palyer, I find it very useful because I upgraded it to freeze and flamethrower, making for an intresting combination. It can take on and distract whole squads, and if it dies, can be redepoyed very quickly. Haven't tried it in mutiplayer though. Hard to direct to where you want it, because it is thron like a grenade.

I use it all the time in MP- and I haven't even played an engineer in SP. Useful, as mentioned, for guarding areas, but also alerting you to where enemies are spawning i.e. stick it in a corridor/area where you know they spawn while you're covering somewhere else, much harder to get blindsided.

The Sentry Turret is more defensible since it's stationary and can be set up behind shielded or armored enemies. This means that the enemy would be forced to ignore you or the turret; both ways, it'll be attacked from behind. The Combat drone is better for offense, as it will follow enemies and is better at harrassing them. I play more defense so I'm more of a turret guy.

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