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To be clear my girlfriend let Garrus die but he returned in the third game yet everything else say he dead including the Memorial wall and she never spoke to him but romance dialogue there although Liara never say anything bout her cheating this is on 360

Until now not - everyone who had died in ME2 didn't appear in ME3, although I still have to play in ME3 the one game, where Garrus died in ME2, so maybe it concerns only Garrus. Will get back to you, when I'm playing that one if it also happened in my game. Simi21

It's so wierd Liara went from I miss Garrus to I heard you two are closer now

This sounds like a bug. Are you actually seeing Garrus in-game or is he just reffered to as being alive in some dialogue? The Illusive Shepard 01:22, May 26, 2012 (UTC)

He's in the game like he alive and have regular talk everybody else except Liara mention him as dead and on the mission to get the Primarch he be with her along with James and Liara and he say the same things as normal and random Turians you past by say how he was a good solider and all.

If you load the ME 2 that you imported into this ME 3 game, is Garrus still on the Normandy after the suicide mission? It sounds like you have a bug either way, but if he's clearly dead in the ME 2 save, than the bug is probably isolated to your ME 3 save. The Illusive Shepard

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