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I'm not the best player (I play more for the story than the shooting since I'm absolute crap at shooters) but I enjoy MP so I play on Bronze usually. The last few times I've set up for a quick match, I've gotten Gold despite making sure it was set for Bronze.

Has it happened to you while you're hosting the match? It could be that while you're in the lobby with the other players, the host decides to change the mission settings (e.g., difficulty, setting, type of enemy you'll be fighting, etc.).

Both. Sometimes I Host and sometimes, if I'm feeling impatient, I just select Quick Match. I mean, I can't complain too loudly... I got put into a Gold match with only a few waves left the other day and now I'm getting a Commendation Pack.

I've had that a few times now, an example was when i was playing a silver match once, I got dced so i tried to find the game that again cause we were halfway through. Set the map, difficulty and the enemy and ended up joining another game that had started with none of the criteria that i had selected. Its happend a few times now so no biggie LCsoldier89 (talk)

^ My guess would be that the system is set up where, if there's no games available that fit the set criteria, it ignores them to try and put you in a match. It might not be exactly the match you're after, but at least you'll get to play. Terminator-HIX

Dont think it should plug you into a higher difficulty than what you're searching for, maybe lower... but just sticking you into a Gold or soon Platinum when you're not expecting it is just mean to the people playing. I got stuck into a Gold this past weekend when I was searching for a Silver with a lvl 6 human soldier using grenades and weapons that didn't even scratch the paint on Gold Geth. Didn't end well.... I'd rather wait a few more seconds than end up frusterated from being mismatched.KaedAemoh (talk)

  • Like HIX says though, I'd rather play than sit. In fact this is how I knew I was ready for silver and gold. I never would have ventured there on my own, but now I revel in the opportunity to get a random match... nothing better than a newly promoted character signing up for a bronze match and hanging around until extraction (usually as a dead observer) on gold... Nice way to level and collect cash without really expecting it. Byrdology (talk)

I would have to say yes, I have had the issue where MP does ignore what I am looking for in a match. Say I choose the have the enemy and location to Unknown, sometimes I end up in a lobby where a specific enemy and specific location have been chosen. Also for difficulty, sometimes when I am going for a Bronze of Silver match, I end up getting placed in a Gold match. It can be quite annoying at times.

  • Annoying, yes, espcially if you've got a character who's not high enough level or packing appropriate gear for that difficulty setting. OTOH, it can also mean that you rack up a bunch of extra credits or XP in a short time- if, for example, you drop into a Gold match right as round 6 or 10 starts when you were looking for a Bronze game. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

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