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I don't think so. You would think that with a galaxy in crisis, some Volus would volunteer to fight the Reapers. Also, the class and abilities available to them do make sense for the race. But then again, it's kinda funny to see my pink Volus engineer die and roll down the stairs.

While there is some humour at the expense of them (the biotic god reference in the Adept's description, the box they stand on in the menus), the Volus characters are far from jokes. Shield Boost makes them the master of the team-support niche with little competition from other classes, while their powers allow them to support allies. The Engineer can inflict massive damage and significant damage taken debuffs with their Mines, and even the Vanguard can debuff and follow other melee-focused characters around the battlefield to support them. LilyheartsLiara (talk)

  • The Adept and Vanguard also have access to Biotic Orbs which, with their extremely small delay between uses, is one of the best detonator powers in the game for biotic and tech combos. Pair a volus biotic with an asari or drell Adept, and you'll have biotic explosions galore >:D Terminator-HIX (talk)

Only if they're played badly. Played well, the volus are Lethal Joke Characters capable of carrying teams through Platinum matches (though some competence on behalf of the volus' teammates is required and expected); I know, I've done it ^_^ Terminator-HIX (talk)

  • And there are no enemies in this came that can comprehend humour, so no-one is there to laugh at the volus. Still, if there ever were a volus merc in a game, he'd give me pause. - MA4585159 (talk)
    • Hard to laugh at something than can turn a squad from squishy to nigh invulnerable. Terminator-HIX (talk)
    • Never said it would be funny for more than ten seconds. That volus is definitely more dangerous than the methane-breathing short mook I'm used to. - MA4585159 (talk)
    • I don't know, Suicide Grunts can be very dangerous in the right (wrong for you) circumstances. Terminator-HIX (talk)

A good Volus never dies because of the millions of Invunerability Frames he is bestowed with. They can wield any gun that others can use (even down-scaled models of Spitfires and Typhoons) and have amazing powersets for the most part. A Volus on the team is usually a very good asset. LeoJo (talk)

  • Lag can trip up volus kits on higher difficulties, when a volus can lose his shields and activate Shield Boost, only to be killed in the time it takes for the power to register. Other than that, the only time volus can be considered a true joke character is when the player has no idea how to use the kit... or when they're downed on a stairwell; a volus rolling down a flight of stairs or a ramp is one of the most comical things in MP. Terminator-HIX (talk)
  • Ah, so they do have problems using the biggest guns! - MA4585159 (talk)
  • Very true, but lag kills most of the kits we have, the only ones that are maybe exempt are the Vorcha (because of moderate regen) and kits like the AIU. What do you mean about problems with big guns? You mean the downscale of the Typhoon's model I mentioned? That seems normal for abnormally sized chars - the Geth Juggernaut gets super-sized guns and the Volus are issued mini-Typhoons and Spitfires for the most part. LeoJo (talk)
    • That would liken them to Halo's Grunts even further - they frequently ended up with scaled-down weapons. Which could actually kill you in one hit. And they were excellent shots... - MA4585159 (talk)
    • If you're putting a Spitfire or Typhoon on a volus, you really have to reconsider your playstyle... Terminator-HIX (talk)
    • I know! It can leave your team in stitches but the baddies will remain unamused. - MA4585159 (talk)
    • I personally pack light if I play a Volus, as to not break my neck with high Shield Boost Cooldowns, but some players are fond of Claymore or Typhoon toting Volus, especially the Sentinel who can't really spam powers. LeoJo (talk)
    • Yeah, and some people like to put Claymores on drell Adepts; just because some people like to do it doesn't make it a good idea. Volus just aren't meant to be damage dealers, which is fine as long as they can spam the powers that count when they have to count; Shield Boost when under fire, Biotic Orbs when enemies are primed for power combos, and even Decoy or Combat Drone when the team needs a distraction to take some heat off. The volus Sentinel still needs his cooldown bonus for Shield Boost, and Decoy and Combat Drone only need to be cast as often as it takes to draw enemy fire; as far as I'm concerned, if the baddies are shooting at anything besides them, the Volus Mercenary's doing his job right. Terminator-HIX (talk)
    • Sticking a heavy gun on a Volus is stupid.  Sticking a Batarian Gauntlett on one, on the other hand, is freaking hilarious. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
    • Punching an enemy in the crotch so hard that their head explodes? Why, yes, it is :D Terminator-HIX (talk)

Every game needs a Dan Hibiki, I suppose.

  • Dude, didn't you see the awesome score Barla Von put up in Armax Arena?! Volus can fight!! :P

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