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Probably post-nerf. I wouldn't be surprised they're nerfed worse than in multiplayer in anticipation of future nerfing. RShepard227 (talk)

Looking at the Krysae's stats, it appears to be post-nerf. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

Aren't the SP weapons usually unaffected by MP nerfs? Isn't the SP Falcon still like it was before it was nerfed in MP? LeoJo (talk)

From my playing on Insanity i can say the AMR's Firepower will kill a centurion in 3 shot. Full shield and health

^ AMR? You mean the Widow anti-materiel rifle? Or the new Adas? RShepard227 (talk)

  • No the Turain gun with the Unsayable name. It's stat's make it seem to be Post nerf. But it's in game damage is holy hell amazing.
  • Krysae you mean. "Cry-say." I know it's the spelling that's the real issue. RShepard227 (talk)

I played Grissom Academy with the Krysae and Harrier just to see how they feel. The Krysae is definitely post-nerf. In case you're wondering, the Harrier is game-breakingly OP, hands down. I may have to turn the game up from Normal to Hardcore or even Insanity when I use it. Doofe2012 (talk)

^ At least Insanity will be fun now, instead of annoying. I challenged myself to use only an ME2 import with Rank I, non-DLC/preorder weapons as a Soldier during my run, just to see if it was possible for people who bought only the vanilla game (and spent not a dollar more, free content allowed) that might use any guide I write about it. It was, but it was practically a kiting game, every mission. If I want that, I'll play DA:O. At least in multiplayer you can take them head-on. For $2, this is a worthwhile exception, even if future newcomers never get the N7 stuff. RShepard227 (talk)

The Harrier is pretty sweet, but I dunno if I'd go so far as to call it "game-breaking". I mean, it's a great rifle, but I think it's balanced out by the fact that the thing chews through ammo like that and barely holds any to spare, even with the rank 4 evolution on an ammo power. Pretty sure it's the only weapon I've ever run out of ammo with in SP.

^ The ammo is somewhat of a drawback, but when you can kill a Centurion in 4 shots you don't need a lot of ammo. Recoil is barely an issue and its accuracy is very respectable. Besides, there's normally enough thermal clips laying around the levels to keep the Harrier topped up, unless you shoot like one of the guys from the A-Team :P On anything below Hardcore, IMO the Harrier is straight-up OP. Doesn't make it any less fun to use, though. :) Terminator-HIX

  • Given the number of ways to increase ammo capacity, the fact that enemies drop heatsinks in SP, and the way in which spare heatsink have been liberally scattered throughout most of the SP maps, there's only a few points in the SP campaign where running out of ammo should really be a concern unless, as Terminator-HIX suggests, you're prone to firing like an 80s action hero. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • Do I need to explain how I couldn't finish a Geth Hunter on Platinum because I went with the Stability mod instead of the Mag Upgrade, then he recovered, shot-stunlocked me cutting off my reload, then killed me? Twice? You really need the Mag Upgrade regardless of the character you use, 20 rounds is downright embarrassing by full auto Assault Rifle standards. RShepard227 (talk)
  • What the hell were you using the Stability mod on the Harrier for? 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • That's like asking why I drank Guinness at my brother's birthday dinner instead of Sam Adams. I was pissed off about school, I wanted to try something different, turned out I liked it much better. Can't say I had the same reaction to the Stability mod on the Harrier. Unless every single shot is a headshot, don't bother. It helps it along, but not by much. I learned my lesson, good thing this one didn't cost me a respec card, now we can move on the next issue. :P RShepard227 (talk)
  • Why not make every single shot a headshot? That's how I always play anyhow, works especially well with Cerberus (Cannibal headblobs and geth headlamps are much harder to hit). Land Raider
  • No point if you're using a full-auto weapon. I usually just slap a barrel extension and a piercing mod on the gun, then look for a crowd. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • Stability Mod V and Armor Piercing V all the way for me: My thinking is "The more shots hit, the more damage you do". If most of the shots hit some trooper in the general direction of the head, he's pretty much dead. Armor Piercing has become a must for most weapons for me, since it let's me dispatch most enemies much faster. Scope might help aswell. LeoJo (talk)
  • I always put the Stability Mod on the Harrier too. Don't like muzzle climb, never have. I'm about to start a new SP playthrough though, and I'm thinking about using the Harrier as a main weapon, but I'm having trouble deciding what mods to put it. Normally I go for thermal clip and piercing, but there is the aforementioned muzzle climb. And the Harrier burns through ammo so fast, I'm not sure I wanna get rid of thermal clip either.
  • I've found the muzzle climb on the Harrier to be negligible to the point that I barely even notice it. In generally, the only ARs I've found that actually need the Stability Damper are the Argus, Vindicator, Avenger, Revenant, and Striker. Even the Typhoon has low enough muzzle climb that I can compensate manually without much issue or. If I don't feel like it, spending a Stabilization Module is enough to compensate for all of the muzzle climb on both the Typhoon and the Harrier, leaving me free to use something else for the weapon mod. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

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