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On the single-player front, there is another DLC in development at Edmonton but there aren't any solid details yet, just rumours. No news of any more multiplayer expansions, either; that doesn't mean there won't be any more, though. Terminator-HIX (talk)

  • Actually, there are rumors about a new MP DLC called Reckoning. The guy who spilled the beans about any of the previous DLC made vague comments about it, and it's likely that it's true, he was - after all - right 4 times in a row. LeoJo (talk)
  • Great, just as I'm 32 rares away, this time without credit farms.  And they'll probably give us three days notice when it's official, right? RShepard227 (talk)
  • I've really driven into the Rares since the Arsenal Pack and Reserves Pack came out. All of my Rare guns are at rank X, most of my characters have all their customisation options unlocked, and the Gear has slowly been worked up to rank V. The only thing those packs are bad at is coughing up Ultra Rares, so in the end it comes back to grinding for PSPs. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Terminator-HIX (talk)

We know a few bits about the SP DLC they're coming out with, most notably that it was written by eight writers and that it features music by Sam Hulick (both of which are unusual for DLC). There are rumblings that this could be the last DLC they'll be putting out for SP, but nothing solid on that front as of yet.

  • Do you think it can be an expansion? Will-O-Wisp (talk)
    • Mass Effect 3: Golems of Dawnguard Awakening Shepardborn Hunt! :D RShepard227 (talk)
    • Well, it sure seems like it's going to be big, at least. I'd like to get an expansion, but I dunno how they could dice it with the 2 GB size limit that Microsoft imposes on DLC. Not when they're already pushing the limit with Omega.

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