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Nope me2 was the best forget me3

Given that Paragon/Renegade dialogue ties in to a single Reputation meter in ME3, neutral options don't serve any real purpose. I suppose ithe new system allows for more consistency in the delivery of Shepard's character, too. Terminator-HIX

There are some neutral options. The first one that comes to mind is the interview with Khalisah al-Jilani: if you miss both interrupts, you will make a rather bland statement about saving Earth and walk away with no reputation gain at all, no paragon/renegade or "white reputation."

I remeber there was one where you were talking to Liara about her time capsule/ fitting though.

One of the main reason I dislike Mass Effect 3, they got away with a lot of work with taking neutral options out, and as someone who liked doing a neutral character in Mass Effect 1, it really annoys me.

Only during the conversation about Liara's time capsule, as mentioned.

It seems to me that in lieu of neutral dialogue options they tried to pepper the Paragon and Renegade options with as much nuance as possible while still leaving them their distinct identity. A lot of the dialogue in ME3 seems to be heavily qualified, so that even a Paragon Shepard can sound authoritative and strong, while a Renegade Shepard can also be understanding and agreeable.

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