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I think they did away with those when they brought the Reputation system in. When you can earn Paragon and Renegade points freely and still handle persuasion checks however you choose, the middle-ground options are kinda redundant from a gameplay perspective, and even from a roleplaying perspective to an extent, since Shepard shows more autonomy as a character in ME3 than in any of the previous games. Terminator-HIX (talk)

  • Thanks, I hardly paid attention to them in ME1 and ME2 save for very specific cases (e.g., the neutral option of telling TIM that you're doing exactly what he brought you back for after blowing the Collector base). That's why I suppose we're all glad they're done with. - MA4585159 (talk), O.P.

There are occasionally "middle" dialogue choices in conversations, but not often. I suspect another part of the motivation behind this was to prevent players from accidentally button-mashing through dialogue and choosing the netural option (as it is highlighted by default), and that some dialogue choices aren't Paragon/Renegade but other opposites such as optimistic/pessimistic, open/withdrawn, affirmative/negative, etc. LilyheartsLiara (talk)

The only time you get three dialogue options laid out in the traditional way is during the conversation with Liara about her time capsule. Otherwise, there are several instances where you get three dialogue options in the wheel, but only two are stacked on top of each other on the right side, while the third is somewhere on the left (e.g., during the conversation with Thane's doctor after the Cerberus coup, there are two dialogue options laid out in the traditional Paragon/Renegade fashion on the right, with a third dialogue option on the upper left).

I also think part of the reason why they may have done away with neutral dialogue options is because most of the dialogue in 3 is qualified enough to make them redundant. Auto-dialogue (which is mostly naturalistic, conversational dialogue) is generally fairly neutral as it is, and most of the dialogue in the game is nuanced enough that even a Paragon Shepard can come across as a sharp-focused badass at times, and a Renegade Shepard can seem level-headed and measured.

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