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I'll answer this for SP. Depends on what you're using it for, what ammo powers you have, and whether you're willing to manually compensate for recoil. Typically I carry it as a "panic weapon," so I usually fit a recoil damper to make every shot count and a piercing mod to make sure things like armor plating aren't an issue. If I'm not concerned about punching through armor, have AP ammo myself, or have Garrus along with squad AP ammo, I'll swap the piercing mod for an extended clip to remedy that issue. DC19 (talk)

For multiplayer, it varies a bit depending on your kit, but I personally tend to just go with the Piercing and Extended Barrel mods.  People complain about the recoil on it, but I don't find it a problem, and most of the time I use it with the Barrage Upgrade anyway for the extra ammo. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

If you use a Turian Soldier, the recoil becomes less of an issue. For him, I'd recommend the Piercing and Extended Barrel too. For any kit, I would not recommend the high velocity barrel. The fact that it is somewhat situational, cannot be used with the extended barrel, and adds a lot of weight makes me recommend that you not consider it for anything beyond shooting baddies through walls in conjunction with the thermal scope, and even that doesn't happen often. Yoheresmoreshow (talk)

AP and Damage mod are good suggestions, as it was stated above. The gun's recoil isn't too bad (at least on PC), so I find myself not using the Stability Dampener. IMO, the Extended Magazine and Piercing mod will be a good choice, if you want to mow down more mooks in one clip, without reloading, but if you want to be better against bosses, the Extended Barrel will be a better choice. The best idea would be using AP ammo, to free the mod slot and then extend the Barrel and Magazine, though that requires you to use equip in MP and have the Ammo Power in SP, respectively. The scope can be a nice addition aswell, for the Turian Ghost Infiltrator for instance, as it  behaves almost like a high-powered Indra then. LeoJo (talk)

I find that the maxed Mag Upgrade is essential on the Harrier. 20 rounds in a full-auto gun is embarrassing, especially when most get 30-40 minimum. 20 just isn't enough to drop enemies even with a constant stream of headshots.  Finally, I use the Piercing Mod because the HV Barrel makes its weight intolerable for non F-Cooldowns characters. RShepard227 (talk)

The stability dampener isn't essential, but I do like how it makes the gun easier to aim and land shots on full-auto. That gives me a bit of added reach and makes firing out of cover much more precise. As far as clip capacity, it's a priority but behind stability and piercing. As stated, I mainly use it as a panic weapon for bosses; the low reserve ammo and high damage make it wasteful to use on average mooks unless it's a short fight and you know there's plenty of ammo pickups around. The stability dampener means I can draw a bead on a Brute or Banshee at fairly long range, land most if not all of the 20 shots, and have time to reload before they become an immediate threat. DC19 (talk)

Extra ammo mod is crucial, given the rate Harrier chews through ammo at. AP mod is better than extended barrel since it will let you easily deal with pesky things like Guardians, Brutes etc. If you have this new fancy mod that gives you AP AND extra damage but increases weapon weight AND you are using an f-cooldown build, that's a better option than vanilla AP mod. Land Raider

  • That mod is sadly not available for ARs like the Harrier. The only new mods that give the gun 25% more damage and piercing are the new mods for the Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. For Pistols we get a weight-increasing mod that gives the gun 40% more damage, but no piercing. ARs get a mod that gives it increased piercing capabilites, at the expense of the weight increase, technically useless, as the new mod for ARs doesn't increase the damage as well and we already have an AR piercing mod that does not add weight. Stupid design decision not to give those mods to ARs and Pistols as well, but this all is a moot point, as the mods that alledgedly add weight are bugged in a similar fashion to the way that the SMG UL-Materials used to be bugged (that was actually fixed): The new mods that should increase the gun's weight by 50%, don't do so on vanilla weapons (Revenant, Evicerator, Saber, etc.). So you'll get the neat bonus without the weight increase. LeoJo (talk)

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