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Can I edit my ME2 files on XBox 360 to change Shepard's Paragon score?

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Hacking is self-defeating. 99% of "modding" is hacking.

I imagine there is a technical way to use the same modding techniques favored by PC users on the Xbox console, somehow... Xbox 360, Xbox One, at bottom, computers themselves...

Why though? Just play the game honorably.

I have done with no artificial tricks what others have said is impossible in my Mass Effect experience. I didn't even need half the requirements listed on this Wikia for Geth-Quarian peace because I had already surpassed certain parameters, consciously, and the root-level game programming nicely recognized it somehow...

The choices of Shepherd are glimpses into your own level of karmic evolutionary intellection, "cardio-gnosis", that cannot be "edited" or otherwise artificially produced...

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