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I need some help here. I have a little hobby in the Mass Effect games: I set up goals for various squadmates to kill enemies with a certain weapon (Ex: Garrus - 8 sniper rifle kills or Miranda - 11 SMG kills).

For "N7: Cerberus Attack" - I have a goal where Garrus needs to get 4 sniper rifle kills. The sniper he was using is the M-92 Mantis X w/ Concentration Mod 5 and Extended Barrel 4. With the help of stasis, Garrus killed a shielded Centurion with one bullet. Sometimes, BEFORE using stasis, I have Garrus use Concussive Shot on a centurion, and it takes away ALL the shield bar and leaves at least 6 squares of health left. I use stasis and it takes away 2 MORE bars leaving a centurion 4 squares of health.

IDK how it's possible to kill a shielded enemy with ONE bullet. I know alot of you hate me. But I need help solving this little mystery of mine.

Here is how I made making the Mantis X a more "powerful" sniper rifle for Garrus:

1. M-92 Mantis is at level X 2. For Garrus - I increased his weapon damage at 100% 3. For Garrus - Increased his sniper rifle damage by 60% 4. For MY Shepard - as a sentinel - I picked the SQUAD BONUS where squadmates weapon damage increases by 10% and power damage by 15% 5. I had Garrus wear his FROM ASHES outfit which increases his weapon damage by 25% 6. On the Mantis X, concentration mod 5 - 15% 7. On the Mantis X, the extended barrel 4 - 22.50%

What difficulty are you playing on? That would be my first question, since that affects how much damage on a shield- or barrier-penetrating bullet is absorbed by shield gate. Terminator-HIX

I'm playing NARRATIVE. Because it makes Shepard AND squad mates stronger. I tried CASUAL and Garrus killed a shielded centurion with ONE bulleT WHILE that centurion was in stasis. And I did NOT upgrade his armor piercing ammo. Why? Because when two enemies get trapped in the bubble and one enemy is behind the one you WANT Garrus to kill, Garrus, with armor piercing ammo, kills the enemy YOU want him to kill, the enemy behind the selected target dies and I don't like that. BTW do the seven key facts I listed have anything to do with it?

Could you please clarify what exactly is the problem? You say that you want Garrus to one-shot people, and you say that he one-shot a Centurion or two in stasis. That seems like an already solved problem to me. Mitranim

  • Not to mention the OP answering their own question... Terminator-HIX
  • Sometimes asking is the best way to answer yourself. Bouncing ideas off others helps with problem solving. But the nature of the request is still a mystery to me. I suspect the OP wants Garrus to be killing enemies without help of Stasis, although this is not stated clearly. Mitranim
  • I've had Garrus one-shot Guardians through their shields on occasion, so it certainly can be done. Terminator-HIX

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