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You can. They are also included with the digital N7 edition. I also have a suspicion that they might be included into the files of the "standard" edition, and can be unlocked with some Coalesced tweaking or save file editing. However, I can't verify that (not without downloading a whole standard edition). Mitranim

Sorry also should have mentioned I am a PS3 player not a PC player, and would greatly appreciate having the weapons on PS3, the main reason is for the Valiant as it is the lightest sniper which I believe can one shot basic infantry (headshot included) Moonshade-Requiem (talk)

PS3 players are out of luck in their golden cage. I believe your only options are the Collector Edition and the Digital N7 Edition. Whether that's worth spending extra cash, is up to you. Mitranim

so i can buy a digital collector's edition without all the fluff (art books, posters, etc...) from PSN as truely i am only interested in the content? Moonshade-Requiem (talk)

Yes, it contains all the same in-game bonuses. Mitranim

I was recently on the playstation store and no such option exists Mitranim

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