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No. Curing the genophage gets you full krogan support, but you can only get partial salarian support, and that's if the salarian Councilor isn't killed during the Cerberus coup; The War Asset you get depends on whether the Council was saved or sacrificed in ME1. To get full support from both sides, you need to sabotage the cure with Wreav as the Urdnot leader (by either convincing Mordin to go along with it or shooting him, depending on whether Eve is still alive or not). Terminator-HIX (talk)

The only way to get full support from both krogan and salarians is to have the Leviathan DLC. Import a savegame with Wrex alive and Mordin's data saved, make sure Eve survives and then sabotage the cure. Wrex should eventually confront you about it, but Leviathan provides an opportunity to avoid that. It adds fast travel terminals on the Presidium and near the Purgatory, which you can use to return to the Normandy instantly. Never go to the Bay D24 after you sabotage the cure, if you can. (If I remember correctly, the encounter with Wrex triggers after you receive the Thessia mission, but I'm not sure.) That way, you will not meet Wrex, and no war assets will be lost. Will-O-Wisp (talk)

  • If you're one of the 8% of players ruthless enough to shoot Mordin and you're prepared to cover the purchase price for Leviathan, you can make use of that exploit, yes. I seriously doubt it was intentional on BioWare's part, but there it is. Terminator-HIX (talk)
  • Makes me think, if he doesn't "officially" resign his support (by shoving a gun in your face), what happens on Earth? Does he appear? I'd guess that Kirahee will be there, does anyone who used  the exploit know? LeoJo (talk)
  • He's there, rallying a group of Krogan. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. It's as if you never sabotaged the cure in the first place, Yoheresmoreshow (talk)
  • For obvious reasons... Terminator-HIX (talk)

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