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Not if Legion's dead, not if Tali's dead, not if Admiral Koris is dead, and not if either Tali or Legion aren't loyal in the ME2 save you import. Terminator-HIX

16:19, July 2, 2012 (UTC)~

What is required for Geth/Quarian peace.

Tali must be alive

Legion must be alive

Kill the heretics during Legions Loyalty mission (Mass Effect 2)

Complete "Geth Fighter Squardrons" mission (Mass Effect 3)

If all these are true, than you need atleast 5 (five) Points for peace:

Complete "save Admiral Koris" (+1 Point)

Save Koris (+1 Point)

Tali is NOT exiled in Mass Effect 2 (+2 points)

Destroy Geth Heretics in Mass Effect 2 (+2 points)

Settle the dispute between Legion and Tali in Mass Effect 2 (+1 point)

16:19, July 2, 2012 (UTC)~~

Actually, killing the heretics is not crucial, as I was able to create peace rewriting the heretics, but I did all the other things that the person pointed out above

^ I think what the guide (I recognise this list from the Prima strategy guide) is trying to say is that you have to complete Legion's loyalty mission. You can rewrite or destroy the heretics; either way, they are "killed". Poor word choice on Prima's part. Terminator-HIX

While you technically just need to complete Tali and Legion's loyalty missions in Mass Effect 2, certain outcomes are apparently considered more optimal than others. I believe it goes something like this:

Destroy Heretics in ME2 - 2 Points
Overwrite Heretics in ME2 - 1 Point
Don't go to the Heretic Station at all - Guaranteed fail
Prevent Tali from being exiled in ME2 via persuade or rally the crowd options - 2 Points
Prevent Tali from being exiled in ME2 by discrediting her father - 1 Point
Allow Tali to be exiled in ME2 - No points, but still possible to make peace
Don't undertake Tali's loyalty mission in ME2 - Guaranteed fail

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