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[×] Alternate endings(87 P)
[×] Arrival(2 P)
[×] Cerberus(8 P)
Characters(1 C, 284 P)
[×] Comparisons(36 P)
[×] Content acquisition(5 P)
DLC(1 C, 108 P)
[×] Gameplay(238 P)
[×] Geth(24 P)
[×] Indoctrination(7 P)
[×] Mass Effect 1(159 P)
Mass Effect 2(2 C, 154 P)
Mass Effect 3(1 C, 638 P)
[×] Modding(6 P)
[×] Multiplayer(172 P)
[×] Opinion questions(6 P)
[×] Physics(8 P)
[×] Plotholes(2 P)
[×] Reapers(80 P)
[×] Romances(111 P)
[×] Save file transfer(28 P)
[×] Shepard(59 P)
[×] Speculation(23 P)
[×] Squadmates(80 P)
[×] Starships(21 P)
[×] Storyline questions(281 P)
Suicide mission(2 C, 101 P)
[×] Technology(141 P)
[×] Trivia(29 P)
[×] Weapons(36 P)
[×] Wiki(1 P)

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