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The endings left such big plotholes behind that we could fill a black hole with them! And we all know black holes can't be filled.

It is possible that it wasn't the Crucible's blast that hit the Normandy, but rather the explosion that jumped from relay to relay. Will-O-Wisp

Does it matter we still don't know why Jeff left

To me it looked like it was actually from the explosion of the relays rather than from the Crucible's blast. Neverheless it doesn't matter that much, as both kinds of explosion don't explain why Joker was flying the ship at that moment away from Earth. And the blast we see from the Crucible seems only to destroy the Reapers around it, not the ships (which also doesn't make much sense to me as such a huge explosion would most probably destroy everything in its way, not just certain objects). Simi21

^ The Crucible not only sent out its own shockwave, but it used the Citadel to calibrate the dark energy/eezo in all other relays into that very same shockwave, which overloaded the relays and created a supernova made of that shockwave. For all intents and purposes, every relay in the galaxy becomes a mini Crucible doing the exact same Reaper-destroying/controlling/synthesizing blast. It doesn't matter whether Joker was fleeing the Sol Relay's explosion or the Crucible's blast, everything in the galaxy gets enveloped by that chain reaction. RShepard227

Joker could've easily mistaken the red/blue/green field for the blast radius of an exploding Mass Relay given the ending of Arrival and ran to save the Normandy. Alternativly, he might've though he could save EDI by outrunning the energy ball.

-I haven't seen anynone else posit this, but I thought the normandy was targeted because it was built with extensive reaper tech. That still doesn't explain why control or synthesis would destroy the normandy, and there are obviously still plenty of other plot holes.

  • Care to explain what serves as a basis of your assumption that Normandy is built with Reaper tech?

Reaper IFF is genuine Reaper Tech (duh). Plus EDI and the Thanix Cannons are based on Reaper Tech. Though I doubt the Crusible would affect the Normandy as a whole, it would only destroy EDI.

^Thanix cannon is just based on Reaper tech. If I got its Codex entry right, the first Thanix cannon was made from the materials salvaged from Sovereign's remains, but the one on the Normandy wasn't. So it's just Reaper IFF, because Bioware deliberately spared EDI for some reason. Will-O-Wisp

I also found it odd that the Normandy would be the only spaceship to be caught in the Crucible's weapon. But if all ships are affected, that means the remaining Sword Fleet would just drop down on Earth? Wouldn't they cause severe damage, like the lifeships of the Quarians, the Citadel (or what remains of it) etc..?

It probaby wasn't the Crucible's blast that downed the Normandy, more likely it was the collapsing mass effect fields, that vanished when the relays were destroyed. Since the Victory Fleet wasn't in FTL it's unlikely that they suffered a catastrophic system's failure. LeoJo

I agree with LeoJo. The crucible chain reaction most likely only caused a disabling effect to ships in FTL travel or It's possible the blast effected anything that used eezo and so mass effect cores and so forth. It must be noted that the Normandy was in normal FTL flight and was NOT using the mass effect relay.

At this point your guess is as good as mine. But with their current mythos that has been made available to us, any of the following could have happened:

- The giant EMP pulse destroys anything electronic. In that scenario the entire fleet is now without power. Without power weapons systems are offline, life-support is out the window. General chaos and mayhem ensue.

- Relays blow up. Arrival showed us that relay blowing up usually means a death sentence for the system its in. So...the victory fleet is dead.

^So when the relays blow up they will destroy every single system connected to a relay. All the people and places you have fought for will be destroyed instantly as a result of your actions. Sure the Reapers are destroyed the galaxy is safe, but they only affected the parts of the galaxy (less then 1%) connected to a relay. Activating the relays was entirely pointless as you just committed genocide on a scale even the reapers couldn't create. You destroyed countless civilizations that were connected to a relay yet had not achieved space flight. It would have been better to let the Reapers win! Atlasmaster

^ Destroying the Mass Relays in the endings does not destroy the system the Mass Relay was located in. The Mass Relays explode due to being overloaded by the Crucible's Energy, it's an entire different situation than the case with the Alpha Relay.

^^ How do we know this? The only information ever given on the destruction of Mass Relays is from Arrival, where it says that destroying one will release all the dark energy stored in one, causing an explosion on the scale of a Supernova. Nothing is said about the destruction of the Mass Relays by the Catalyst being any different. On a side note, though, most solar systems actually don't have a Mass Relay in them, there appears to usually just be one Relay per star cluster, with ships using FTL drives to reach other solar systems in the cluster.

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