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  • Aria/Omega DLC but have the Omega 4 relay be relevant somehow.
  • Hanar Homeworld DLC, underwater battle against a Reaper.
  • Some random Reaper/Cycle exposition DLC where you get a random superweapon from the past that wasn't utilised.
  • Something with on Paleven maybe Garrus' family also Kal Reegar is still because the off panelling of Reegar is just bullshit.
  • More Prothean/Prothean's Cycle race once thought dead making a comeback.

To be honest, in DLC or future tittles, the Protheans could start rebuilding! if they brought a pile of melted meat(shepard, after atmosphere re-entry) back to life, they could clone protheans! give the race a system with habitable planets and colonies! I agree, the Reegar story was BS! and i'd love to visit the hanar homewolrd!maybe a visit with kolyat!

They could clone protheans, though they may have the issue of very similar genes but then again Arinya (from ME2 Illium) did say that they could randomize genetics via radiations without killing them but who knows other then the developers

I don't believe there'll be anything on Reegar, because there's the possibility that he's not around anymore... And I'm really not that interested in something from the prothean cycle. That said I believe there's gonna be a retake Omega DLC, some new squadmembers (hopefully a krogan...), maybe something on geth that are still controlled by the reapers and you can either "save" or destroy them. There might be some vehicle-based DLC aswell. That's all that comes to mind for now. Tanis84 (talk)

In truth, I hope any DLC that comes in the future allows you to spend more time with your more neglected ME2 squadmates. The context matters little - could be in a Take Back Omega thing (which does sound quite good), or the Leviathan thing, or what have you - I just hope we get to see more of the ME2 guys (which for my money really were the best squad in the series) in there.

Take back Omega, with Aria and Patriarch (if you kept him alive in ME2) as temp squadmates. Imagine Aria's biotics... Shiboleth (talk)

I'd go with 2 - Take back Omega together with Aria and definitely Palaven with Garrus. I'm still a bit angry, that we didn't get to see anything from the Turian homeworld in ME3 - it was the only homeworld from the Council races we never get to see, so Palaven would be my priority for a DLC. Simi21 (talk)

All I am saying is Javik + Thorian = Prothean army! Byrdology (talk)

Insofar as DLC is concerned, I'd like to be able to fly the Normandy. I feel ME2 set the precedent with that brief time you played Joker, and I think it would be nice to do what he does best. I'd like to see more options of course, but I'd be fine with three missions: 1) Making the intial push to Earth with the allied fleets to drop Shepard off. 2) Protecting the Crucible as it makes its way to the Citadel 3) protecting the Crucible/Citadel as it interfaces. Maybe even combine 2) and 3).

/\ Yes, flying the Normandy would be so cool. It was always kinda dissapointing to use the "most advanced warship in the galaxy" as nothing more than a glorified taxi cab. it would also be interesting to go into combat when the reapers find you while scanning a system, instead of just automatically dying you get to try and fight your way free. Lohengrin XIII (talk)

Some DLC where you continue to help Javik. Possibly in bringing back the Prothean race from extiniction, maybe another bunker like Javik's that wasn't destroyed by the reapers but still remains inoperable. They could also add a new enemy into the game, such as the collecters, the remenants of which have been sent by the Reapers to prevent the Protheans from ever returning. To make it more compactable with Mass Effect 3 they could make the From Ashes DLC a free purchase, something that should have been done in the first place. Alternatively they could make a short/spin off from the main game that takes place after the destruction ending, possibly a more linear campaign were you play as one of your surviving squad mates searching to find out what has happened to Shepard.

Going back to Palavan would be awesome. Place it after the Tuchanka and Rannoch storylines but before Thessia, and make it a multi-mission world just like the prior. They could add new N7 missions, i.e. the new maps, specifically the one on Palavans moon. It could involve trying to keep the peace between the Krogan and the Turians, as well as trying to prevent the reapers from destroying Palavan. It could be that the reapers are having too hard a time in taking Palavan so instead have resorted to simply destroying the Planet, something you need to prevent from happening.

Three words: Fighting alongside Elcor. Tiredman2 (talk)

- Mission Impossible DLC - Where Shepard has to convince the yagh to enter the war, takes place in Parnack.

- Enter The Raloj DLC - Where Shepard has to convinve the raloj to enter the war, takes place in Turvess.

- Retake Omega DLC - Fight alongside Aria and the Patriach Krogan (Anto Korragan a batarian if the krogan was killed in ME2) Shepard gets more support from the three gangs in Omega.

- Ground Fury DLC - Shepard looks for more support takes place in Irune (Volus HW), Kar'shan (Batarian HW) and Dekuuna (Elcor HW)

- Unknown Forces DLC - The introduction of 3 or more new spacefaring alien species hidden deep within The Terminus Systems. Shepard goes to their home planets to get more help.

- Rapid Storm DLC Shepard looks for more support in Kahje (Hanar HW), Rakhana (Drell HW) and the Vorcha Homewold.

-Free Palaven DLC -Shepard helps free Palaven in return for more help from Turians and Krogan

There were those aliens who uploaded their consciousnesses into a starship, because their star was about to die. I think I read their story on Cerberus Daily News... Anyway, incorporating them into another DLC would be nice. 10:37, August 7, 2012 (UTC)

What about introduction of new enemies DLC, something to change the combat up a bit. Make new maps that introduce or reintroduce them as well as spawn/repalce spawn them in the main storyline and have then appear on mulitiplayer as well. Like one for a Salarian colony, the Elchor homeworld, a Cerberus base and a Geth base.

We have seen six species turned into Reaper troops, what about the rest. Like the Salarians turned into Minions, snipers that make those barrier engines the reapers like to deploy. The other being the Elcor turned in Thrashers, heavy tanks that replace the depleated Raveger population with hulking tanks with machine guns to side and a biotic/electrical cannon that when charge can tare through sheild and health. Plus the three differnt husks make a repearnce from Mass Effect 2 would be intersting.

Then there is Cerberus, with their own new biotic Vanguard, that use warp to weaken enemies and escape with low health using charge. They can Saboteurs, cloak enemies that dropped off proximity mines, close rang combat with an omni blade and machinegun.

Then the Geth, we can add some old one, like sheilded Geth (Shock Troopers), Armatures, recon and reapair drones, and a weak unsheild rehash of the hoppers.

You know what I really love to see ? Story-like DLC based on the origins of Shepard. I think it is a concept gradually unexploited (in ME1, it's side-quest ; it's ME2 they're just references in mails, and in ME3 they're just a few dialog lines !), so I start to imaginate (in resume) :

Pre-service DLC

- Spacer : Shepard has to rescue his/her mother and her ship from the reaper.

- Earthborn : Shepard come back on earth for a special mission, and has to fight alongside his/her old gang

- Colonist : Back on Mindoir that Shepard has to save for the reaper

Psychological DLC

- Sole-Survivor : Cereberus try to release old specimens of tresher maws to test indoctrination on them ; Shepard try to stop them.

- War Hero : to save Elysium, Shepard has to convince the inhabitant to fight alongside... the same pirate that he/she help them defeat years ago.

- Ruthless : Shepard try to convince the survivors of the squad he/she sacrifice on Torfan to fight against the reaper.

What do you think ?

  • I see two problems with these mostly with Earthborn and War Hero, because I play the them with my main Shepard. First off, your Earthborn idea won't work as Earth is attacked for majority of the game and when you do land on Earth your focus is on contacting ground forces and the conduit to enable the crucible's docking mechanism. I would think a mission or quest line with Shepard recieving contact from a suspect mother or father who happen to be in charge of some powerful war assets. It could even be a sibling for all we know. War Hero doesn't work at all as you kill the pirate in ME1 after he tries to blow you up. I would think it would be on Elysium but it would play like a basic N7 mission and results in a new map and more war assets such as "Elysium Forces" A little longer than I inttended but thats my five cents. Tysomo-Raijin1 (talk)

Ok, here's some of my DLC ideas:

-A DLC focus on a group of Rebel Reapers that Commander shepard whan to recruit for the final battle.

-A DLC focus on Harbinger.

-A DLC focus on the return of the Collector.

-A DLC that allows you to investigate a secret society that is unknow to the Council and acording legends, have the abilities to control Reaper.

-A DLC that focus on the first race that been harvest by the reaper (not Leviathan).

-And finally A BLASTO DLC.

What do you think ?

I would want some DLC for some missions to head back to planets for ME1. Of course we head to Noveria but I would love to do some quest lines for some of the characters we met on those worlds, like Lorik Qui'in who still owes Shepard a debt and maybe see Rana Thanoptis again. Some missions landing on Feros to help out Shiala or even running into Sha'ira would be great. I just want to meet some of the characters they tossed aside after ME2's story. Tysomo-Raijin1 (talk)

  • Rana goes crazy and kills several people before committing suicide as per a news report. Kind of a shame IMO, she looked well on Korlus.

Omega DLC - Admiral Hackett reports that Alliance intel has been getting increasing Cerberus activity  in the formerly occupied Collector-space surrounding the galactic core, and its up to Commander Shepard to go back beyond the Omega 4 relay and put a stop to their plans. But he's not going alone, as Aria T'Loak has brought herself aboard the Normandy in a bid for Shepard's cooperation to help retake her old base Omega. Can the two work together and take down Cerberus before they threaten to change the tides of the war?
Dyson DLC - A mysterious space structure has appeared its way into the known galaxy and its not of Reaper origin! What's more the structure, dubbed the Dyson, also holds traces of history dated back to the civilization that originally created the Crucible. Now its up to Commander Shepard to uncover the mysteries of the Dyson before the Reapers can silence them forever!

superlogan7437 (talk)

Aria Omega DLC

Project Phoenix DLC: you have to raid a Cerberus facility which is using Reaper tech and force with the help of ex-Cerberus operatives (Project Phoenix multiplayer character)

N7 DLC: Stop a Reaper Invasion on a human colony with help from an elite N7 team (Mass Effect 3 Earth mulitplayer characters)

Retake kahje DLC: Help thane's son kolyat and the spectre jondam bau retake kahje from the Reapers

A palaven DLC where you help Garrus with his family and you encounter Wrex/Wreav, Grunt and Reegar on the planet

I'm loving these ideas guys. I'm going to echo what most have said and nominate a "Take Back Omega" dlc. (Which, for the record, I have a feeling we might get anyway: Aria's comic and the fact that her subplot- being stuck on the Citadel- is never resolved makes me hope we will get something eventually.) I'd love to see Patriarch again, find out more on Aria (will we ever get confirmation that she is the asari from Wrex's past or not?), and visiting unexplored/never before seen parts of Omega would be awesome! Omega is one of my favorite locations in ME2 so I would pay to explore it some more. (Plus this would give us another chance to kill Cerberus goons and gloat at TIM.)

But if I had my way, there would be dlc for all the things I want to see fixed/did not enjoy about ME3. Without getting into it too much, I'd love to see:

-a visit to alien homeworlds: going to Kahje (to help out Thane, Kolyat, and/or some Hanar), Palaven, actually landing on the elcor homeworld, etc.

-more content for ME2 teammates! Although some of them had spectacular missions (like Jack), most of them only showed up once and not in a very significant way either. I guess part of this has to do with ME3 trying to appeal to people who didn't play the other games along with people who played all three, but still... perhaps there could be a special "war asset" mission that one or two ME2 teammates have to accompany Shepard on? We could see them on the ship, interacting with the ME3 squad. This would also be nice for any players who romanced ME2 squad mates, as Shepard could spend more time with her/his LI. (and on that note, give players a chance to save Thane and reconcile with Jacob- or at least give us a better resolution/end to these relationships.) Or hey, if Wrex has to accompany us on this mission (so Shepard actually gets to fight side by side with him again), then I won't complain.

-more stuff on Protheans. If Javik could get a "loyalty mission" (without the loyalty bit), that would be great. And players without the Javik DLC could still play this mission, it just becomes more significant with Javik around. Like- exploring Prothean ruins? Maybe some underground/underwater caverns? (Could take place on Kahje!)

-a "flashback" mission that takes place when Shepard is younger. It could tie back to Shep's origins- it could also be an actual flashback or it could be an "induced" flashback. (As in Shepard is struggling against, say, a Reaper influence- or Prothean artifact influence- and must explore this environment that becomes increasingly strange, yet familiar, as it combines ancient Prothean elements with elements from her/his past.) I love the trippy, slightly disturbing, strange levels in the Mass Effect series, so I would totally buy something like this.

-I can't resist saying this but: more ending or epilogue stuff. Because I'm still not satisfied.

Anyway, a lot of my ideas overlap or can be combined together.

I'm sure a Take Back Omega expansion will be underway. Given what we got from Leviathan though, I don't expect it will be satisfying. BladeZero (talk)

1. Randall Ezno (new character) parlaying with Alliance to hunt down the Director.

2. Flashbacks. Each squadmate has a playable little tale to tell (Liara's would be the Escape from the Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kaiden/Ashley = how they survived Horizon, etc). Rewards can be more bonus powers for Shep or for the squady.

3. Retake Omega is already in the works (maybe).

4. Shepard: Rogue VI (my favorite idea). Shepard VI hijacks EDI's new body and goes off to kill repears solo. You have to get it back. Maybe a reward is having that Shepard VI on the ship (like it should have been in ME2).

5. BLASTO. Secretly an actual Spectre. DLC plays out like a buddy cop action movie. BLASTO is a temp squadmate or just a standard NPC leading you on a rescue or revenge or bacon mission.

...and anything with that could include those virtual aliens (leave ranoi/yahg alone for now...or not), an Emily Wong vs Reporter Snooki option, return of Mess Sergeant Gardner (maybe save him from the Director), revisiting the apartment on Intaisei (pick up some ME1 armor/guns [non-heat sinked])...

...and of course, MOAR ending fixes would be nice. Thats it off the top of my head. D3ln3gro (talk)

Visits to the alien homeworlds, for example, a visit to Irune. Considering it has an atmosphere that is poisonous to other species, it could give us an excuse to have so vehicle-based gameplay, like bringing back the Hammerhead (or, gag, the Mako). We could also get a chance to see what volus look like without their suits. Also, a visit to Kahje would be nice. We could see Reaperized drell and hanar. It could also be a way to incorporate underwater combat (as opposed to just underwater exploration). TheUnknown285 (talk)

Only thing I'd like is a bigger variety of enemies. And a dlc where you destroy a last surviving collector ship. I liked the collectors, they were kind of creepy. And it would be awesome to see Javik go all agro on them.Vorchaoffspring (talk)

Retake Omega from Cerberus;

A conspirancion between Drell and Elcor, who will need shepard's help to be undercover, to stop any conflicty between them both, when shepard just want their effort. A reaper attack and elcor tanks for an awesome gameplay;

Would be interesting if there's some "loyaltys" missions (Squad loyalty DLC) with:

Feron kidnapped by yahgs, (u can gain yahgs soldiers to the effort o gain Feron to the effort) kill Feron for some creds and informations about the Reapers or spare Feron and gain info about the Crucible. (Liara's "loyalty")

Save Garrus's sister who has disapeared in some place where the Reapers dominate on Palaven. Garrus's father as temp squad member. (Garrus's "loyalty")

  • DLC Omega
    • Single Player- Team up with Aria, mercenaries, and pirates to retake Omega from a combined Cerberus force. Learn more about Arias past. New weapons and armor configurations. Utilize Blood Pack, Blue Suns, and Eclipse forces similar to how forces were used in the final battle of the first Dragon Age game. Introduce potential Vorcha character that can join Shepards crew. The final mission would be going through the Omega 4 Relay and destroying a Collector Ship that Cerberus salvaged. Or introduce surviving Collectors as enemies.
    • Multiplayer- Two new maps on Omega. One new map for a Collector Ship. Specilized characters from each mercenary band (Turian Infiltrator and Batarian Engineer from Blue Suns. Asari Sentinel and Slarian Adept for Eclipse. Krogan Adept and Vorcha Vanguard Blood Pact.) Collectors as enemies.
  • DLC Palaven
    • A schisim between Turian and Krogan forces is appearing on Palaven. Shepard must return to the Turian home system and prevent a potential reoccurance of the Krogan Rebellion. Indorctrinated Turians and Krogan are trying to destabilize the new alliance. Shepard must find and remove these indocrinated soldiers. Normandy crew gets ropped into evac operations as well as helping take down a Reaper threatening life ships and civilian areas. Battles could include a battle on a Turian Space Station, as well as a planet side Military Center, and a Civilian area. Secondary mission could have Shepard on a turret while fighting Harvesters while in-flight on a shuttle. Also Shepard will have a chance to save Reegar from death (he deserves a fighting chance!)
  • DLC Fix-It
    • Add to the endings. We need more closure damn it. What happened to everyone on the citadel, how much of Sword and Hammer made it, whats with Shepard breathing at the end of Destroy End? GIVE US THE ANSWERS!!! O_o
    • War Assets. We earned all these War Assests. Lets see em in action. Lets see Geth and Quarian fleets joining the battle for earth in the actual fighting. Lets see Krogan foot soldiers lead by Wrex smashing into reapers while Asari Commandos cover the flank. Show us some proof of these guys besides them being just points on a scale. Show us a cutscene of some of our Multiplayer Characters kicking ass on Earth and working together as a team.
    • MS2 Squadmates. We played through Mass Effect 2. Give us more time with our former crew members! Make them temp allies, give us a few more scenes with them, lets see Kasumi try to flirt with Jacob, or something! They survived the Collector Base! They went through hell and back with Shepard! They deserve a little more then 'meh I'm here' apperances! >_<;
    • Weapons. Fix em. Vindicator use to be a bad ass weapon, the Geth Pulse Rifle should do more damage then the Geth SMG, the Argus is a terrible three burst weapon. and the Incisor sucks even more then before. Thats the tip of the ice berg.
    • Shepard and team should run around with the weapons they have equipped. Not the freaking Avenger and Predator pistol.
    • Tali's face. Look at some fan art done, and get bloody creative. Give us a unique look that isn't some photoshop rip-off. Seriously. Fix it. Use some of that creative genious you guys used to create these games in give the Quarians a unique look.
    • Emily Wong. Bring. Her. Back. Nuff said. Cenkic (talk)

I would also like to see some new enemy types ones that actually use powers against you (i know some do already but when was the last time an enemy used say incinerate or singularity against you) or in multiplayer bring back some of the ME2 enemys like collectors or the mercs. or just new enemy types like geth juggernaughts that sprint /charge you while firing a spitfire or new reaper enemies based on other species Lohengrin XIII (talk) 14:55, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

What about a Lazarus Project 2 DLC:

  • Alliance Inteligence has discovered a Cerberus Facility that is similar to the one where Shepard was brought back to life. Fearing what Cerberus could be doing with a life reviving facility Shepard is sent to investigate. It is discovered Cerberus is bringing someone back to life but you dont find out who til the end of the mission. Then you choose to kill the being or free them and let them join your team. Could be cool character development and expand on Shepard's return like what happens on TIM's station already. Can think of 3 individuals for this:
    • Ashley or Kaiden(whichever was sacrificed on Virmire): TIM is reviving the old squadmate with their DNA Cerberus acquired and using mind controlling tech, like the stuff TIM chose not use on Shepard, to turn the squadmate against Shepard and use said mate to harrass and psychologically screw with Shepard during the war. Obviously Shepard frees the squadmate before that happens and they choose to return to Shepard's side and fight the reapers while readjusting to returning to life so many years later. Choose to kill because Shepard doesnt believe this revived squadmate is the same as the original or Shepard doesnt want to put them through the hell of returing to a galaxy at war. Or free the mate, Shepard seeing them as same as Shepard because both have been brought back from the dead, and look to make amends for the decision on Virmire.
    • Saren: TIM wants to revive the ex-spectre, again using DNA acquired and using mind controlling tech, for 2 reasons. First like the squadmate the physical and psychological stress on Shepard facing Saren again would be really damaging to Shepard. Also Saren worked for the Reapers and the knowledge he would likely have on them TIM wants. Again Shepard fights his way to the end and sees the being is Saren. Killing Saren isnt hard to understand, he is the turian that made Shepard's life hell and committed terrible crimes. Letting Saren live, Shepard decides to give Saren a chance to make amends for his past crimes and also wants the info Saren likely has on the reapers.
  • Either situation would lead to some cool ship dialogue and character development if the character is allowed to join the team. Also, other characters on the ship could show emotion to said character, happiness yet uncertainty with the squadmate returning to life, and obviously hatred and distrust if it is Saren.

I would love to see a bunch of the DLC's mentioned previously but theres one more i'd love to add to the list

A Daughters Revenge DLC: A mission where Shepard and his squad pick up a distress call from the Batarian Slaver ship Glory of Khar'shan, which had gone missing before 2186. Heading to the ship Shepard and his squad are attacked by a tall black haired girl with strong biotic abilities who they manage to beat but it pulls one of those Dragon Age conversations once her barriers are dropped and Shepard can try to convince the girl to calm down if he has enough paragon/renegade points. Failing that a cutscene will ensue with the girl nearly killing shepard but she becomes incapacitated due to a squadmates interviening. Afterwords she is brought on board the Normandy and is taken to the med bay where she is in a medically enduced coma which under Shepards order she can be brought out of so they can talk. At first when she is awakened she is hostile much like Grunt was but she is more willing to listen then before because Shepard didn't kill her. After that she introduces herself as none other then Gillian Grayson and can become a permanent squadmate and if acquired before you do the john grissom academy you can learn more about her backstory if you take her with you. As well as when you go to Earth she confronts Anderson about killing her father and there can be an emotional moment there.

Now granted some of the details may need to be fixed but all in all i think it would be a good idea for a DLC plus if you take her with you on missions that involve Cerberus (like Cronos Station) she could have dialogue with TIM and various other Cerberus opritives

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