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Perhaps Illusive man had him killed as he didn't like Cerberus. — Dogmatix

He could appear in later DLC. ShadowNic94 15:25, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

^ Highly unlikely.. Bioware wouldn't troll their customers by making a DLC of some character who might be dead in their playthroughs. — Dogmatix

^I think he just meant as an appearance, as in he will play some small part of the DLC, not that the whole DLC will be about him.

You don't hear anything from many people: Gianna Parasini, Lorik Qui'in, even Sidonis if you convince Garrus not to kill him (come on, there was a whole LM about him and not even a mention?) and many more.

I thought Elnora the Eclipse Merc, who can be killed or spared in Samara's recruitment mission would have a small part in it too LCsoldier89

Should every character with 5 lines of dialogue from the previous games make cameo in ME3? Don't we have too many of these already? Toombs is mentioned in a news report in ME2 and sends you an email if he survived, that should be enough. TiberiusYakushev

It wouldn't suprise me if there's a future DLC about helping Aria get Omega back (it would probably include a new Galaxy at war map too); that would probably be the perfect place for a merc whose anti-Cerberus to be found.

^^ I agree. Bioware has populated ME3 with so many familiar faces that it's already passed the point of being excessive. Characters like Toombs and Elnora are nothing more than accessories, they don't need to make an appearance. CaiN oo7

I remembered specifically two emails I received in ME2, one from Toombs and one from Billy (Purgatory escapee). I anticipated running into both dudes in ME3 for some reason. I was dissapoint that I didn't. :/ D3ln3gro (talk)

It kinda stretches the suspension of disbelief that, in a galaxy ~100,000 LY across and populated with trillions of sapient beings, you find yourself constantly running into people you've had 5 minutes of interaction with in the past. Not every character from previous installments has to appear later on. Terminator-HIX

^ Its a small galaxy after all? ;) D3ln3gro (talk)

PS3 players, and presumably Wii players in another month, don't get any chance of encountering Toombs in the first place. Adding more roles for characters like him, Helena Blake, or Fist would just increase the number of things those customers are locked out from. Bad enough that we miss two different quests with Conrad Verner. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

  • You're not missing out much as 2nd Conrad Verner quest (ME2) is bugged; no matter what you do, the game consider you have taken the renegade option in the first game.. JohnMD (talk)
  • Yes, and when I had the game on the 360 I gave him one in the quad. But it means that A) I can't get the discount at the weapon vendor stand because he's required for the quest and B) I can't get his appearance in ME3 (or figure out who sabotaged the medigel dispensors in the refugee camp, know who Nassana Dantias is before Thane kills her, encounter Major Kirahi, ect). 6thLyranGuard (talk)

The same reason as for Mass Effect 3's soundtrack reusing so many songs from the first and second game, instead of coming up with new ones. Or that the MP maps double as N7 sidequest maps (probably the other way around). Or that people still use guns in cutscenes that they can't use in normal gameplay, the list goes on... The developers had to cut corners. Lots of side-characters from the first two games are cut out of the loop for no reason (I admit, we already have a lot of convenient cameos from previous NPCs, so it's not that horrible). LeoJo (talk)

^ Hey, people had gotten attached to the old soundtracks, leading to the devs deciding to use existing tracks where they were believed to be appropriate; think of them as auditory Continuity Nods. Using the MP maps for N7 missions ties the SP and MP modes together, albeit quite loosely. Not quite sure what happened with the cutscene weapons, but not a lot of shooting happens in ME1 and ME2's cutscenes, so it's possible that the problem only really became apparent with this game. And like you said, there's already a ton of convenient cameos in ME3, and like Tiberius said, not every NPC with 5 lines of dialogue from the previous games has to make a cameo. That's a reason you may or may not agree with, but it's still a reason. Terminator-HIX

^Don't get me wrong on the soundtrack issue, after all I actually liked ME3's soundtrack, as it had numerous awesome tracks on it's own, like Mars or The View of Palaven. Even most of the reused tracks were either fitting (Tali's theme on Rannoch/Illusive Man's Theme when he appears), not that well-known before (Ilos combat track that played in one cutscene reused during the Bomb Sidequest on Tuchanka), or they were actually changed a little, so that they actually made an effort (Noveria Ambience in the Citadel Embassies, Jacob's theme on the Mining Facility in the Leviathan DLC). My "complaint" however is that there are signs that they cut corners at some of the songs. The iconic Death and Galaxy Map themes are copy-paste from ME2 (the Death theme even has a part of Collector theme towards the end). In ME2 they were actually changed a bit from their ME1 counterparts. Then we get stuff like Thessia, where 60% of the time there is no music running (sort of made up by the beautiful music in the temple). It's simply that the previous games set such a high standard, especially ME2, which had a very diverse soundtrack with very little reused songs. I can get the nostalgia argument, but one can't deny that the soundtrack in ME3 is lacking something unique, that the previous game's soundtracks had. LeoJo (talk)

  • Actually, the Death theme was just part of Serren's music from ME1- the series has been conditioning us to hate that guy for a long time. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • It's slightly remixed in ME2, but you're right. If you play ME2 first, like I did, you might find yourself hating Saren before you even meet him, not that he becomes any more likeable when you do meet him, mind you. Terminator-HIX
  • Of course the Death Theme is part of Saren's theme - I've played ME1 too :D (Though, like Terminator I played ME2 first). OK, I'll give you another example for old music reused well - on the Mars archives, when you enter the room with the large Prothean database, which song is playing? A lesser known part of Saren's theme, specifically the little theme that was playing during the cutscene on the Sovereign, right after Eden Prime, where Saren rages over the events on the colony. Here, the reused theme on Mars begins at about 1:07. LeoJo (talk)
  • I noticed that one, and I was quite surprised to hear it the first time I played the game. The music that plays at the title screen is actually a dark reprise of the ME1 Victory theme (the track that plays when Sovereign is destroyed). And I'm pretty sure they used the Overlord battle theme in a few of the missions, too. As for the Galaxy Map theme, I don't think it really needed to be changed, and I could imagine quite a few people being pissed off if they removed or replaced it. Even Sam Hulick acknowledges that fans have "grown attached to it". If the shoe fits, wear it. Terminator-HIX

I thought we would at least here something from Sidinos, he did say he would pay Garrus back somehow.Vorchaoffspring (talk)

^ Originally, he did; Sidonis helped Garrus' father and sister to escape Palaven. For some reason, that was cut from the final game. Terminator-HIX

That's a cameo that I might have actually cared about. Instead we get conrad verner, which I honestly wouldn't have missed if they got rid of in favor of a Sidonis cameo. Assuming they couldn't do both for some reason.Vorchaoffspring (talk)

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