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I just got past the quarian envoy part of ME3, and I wonder if you never activate Legion, would Tali's sentence "After talking with Legion, I thought peace could be achieved..." be irrelevant, and thus she supports attacking the geth? Thunder

I've always wondered this too.

Yes she does. If you start a game without importing a save game, then Tali will still join you, but she's been exiled from the migrant fleet. Legion's place in the story is replaced by a Geth hologram within a kenetic barrier. (Like the holograms from Pinnacle Station). Unlike Legion, this Geth wants to destroy the Quarians, so you don't have the option to save both races, you have no choice but to decide which to save. If you sacrifice the Quarians then Tali will commit suicide, if you save the Quarians then the Geth hologram will attack you and Tali will stab it, however insated of telling the Geth she is sorry and that it does have a soul, she'll simply say "I knew that thing would turn on us!" -Vin

^The OP meant importing the save from ME2 but never activating Legion. Land Raider

^ This gives you pretty much the same result, right? Will-O-Wisp

You have to activate legion to join the quarians and geth as one thing you need to do is destroy the heretic hq in ME2 and/or do the paragon/renegade response to the legion and tali arguement after gaining both their loyalties, you also need tali not exiled and not implicating tali's father as in ME3 it means tali can't become an admiral

One more thing to add and one to correct. First, you also need to save Zaal'Korris and not his men. Second, you don't have to destroy the heretics. I rewrote them and successfully resolved the conflict. Land Raider

^ I did too. But I don't think this answers the OP's question... Terminator-HIX

I am the OP, so I decide which answer suits me. I already know the terms of quarian-geth peace. What I was wondering is what would happen if Legion were not present in ME3, while all other conditions of quarian-geth peace were met. I believe Vin's answer is what I was looking for, thanks. Thunder

You don't need to save Koris to get peace with the Geth. I saved him on my first playthrough and couldn't make peace, yet saved his Civilians the second time and made peace. It's all based on your Reputation level. I wish they just brought back Charm and Intimidate Stats instead. When I got peace on my second playthrough, Tali was an Admiral, Legion was alive, and I destroyed the Heretics. Hope that info helps. - BBL96

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