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I've tasked myself with trying to figure out some logical conclusion for my fic and I've been trying to figure out with my very limited knowledge of astronomy if there are any other systems in local cluster? Seems like there must be. But it doesn't matter if Joker went through the relays. I'm basically trying to figure out how long it'd take them to get back to earth, but that all depends on how close-by they were. If they were a system over, that's one thing, but if they used the mass relay, they could be anywhere? I can't find any speculation on it since the EC came out and gave us more clarity. Xelestial (talk)

I was actually wondering about that myself since ships just seemed to disappear out of they just travelled FTL to the edge of the Sol system to be out of the blast. Something similar happened at the very end of Mass Effect 2 to avoid the final explosion (trying to keep this without spoilers) To my knowledge, there is no other system in the local cluster, and it sure seemed like they didn't use a relay to escape. JohnMD (talk)

  • That's basically what I'm thinking. Because they all just kind of blink out, and when I watch the video you see those streaming know, the "engaging hyperspeed" type lights that I'm pretty sure means they are in FTL space (dunno what to call it) when the blast hits them. But like I said, my knowledge is pretty darn limited and I don't know how they would get from FTL "space" to another system with another planet that has two moons unless ME writers are assuming there are more systems in the Local Cluster although current astronomy seems to basically not know if there is. Xelestial (talk)

Taking the EC into account, it appears they did very short FTL 'hops' to get enough distance in front of the wave before engaging the Charon mass relay and heading for Arcturus (similar to Turian tactics during the initial invasion of Palaven). Unfortunately this means Joker ended up anywhere between Sol and Arcturus, which is a big stretch of space. -Wix (

  • This is a good theory, I like it but there's just one problem. When the blast reaches the Normandy, they are in space with the little beams of light (I know I sound like a dumbarse but I really can't think of what it's called...) I suppose what I'm trying to say is they are traveling faster then light so does that same thing happen with relays? Would it look the same? Otherwise I'm inclined to think they were still in FTL when they were caught, not going through a mass relay.
  • EDIT - Actually, I'm thinking about it and we DO see the fleet passing by a mass relay but Joker left a few moments later than the fleet so I'm guessing why that's why he got caught in the explosion. So I'm inclined to think he may not have even made it to the relay. Also, I just looked around the Arcturus Stream and at least out of the two systems in it, Benning is the closest garden world to Arcturus, and I just find it hard to believe that the planet we see them on is Benning. Looking the next closest Garden worlds in the nearby Exodus Cluster I see only Eden Prime and Terra Nova but I felt like they were trying to give us the feeling that it was an uncolonized world. On the other hand I looked at the Mass Relay animation and I suppose it's possible that it could look like FTL right before you go through it. Honestly it's starting to feel like Joker and crew could be anywhere in the damn galaxy. Xelestial (talk)
  • They're most certainly not using the relays. The fleet jumps away using FTL and Normandy is caught by the blast while in it - remember that relay transfer is instantaneous, so we wouldn't see the tunnel effect around the Normandy. Land Raider
  • Well yes, I have studied astronomy and physics enough to know that what the fleets used was FTL because first clue was that when you see the fleets jump into FTL there were no relays close to them only the Citadel and second was that the fleets were not caught in the blast radius (except the Normandy as they didn't have a powerful FTL drive for a ship that size and as shown in the cutscene, the Normandy was hit by a sort of Energy ECM weapon as known to be the Crucible the nature of the weapon's power or means of delivery is unknown and as we know ECM like what hit the Normandy causes disabling of electronics and when done so in FTL a ship can land anywhere in the known and unknown side of the universe so that explains where the Normandy landed and the rest of the fleet having ships larger than the Normandy SR-2 gives them a larger FTL drive so they were faster too escape the blast and returning to their respective planets though by this point they probably have to come up with a new travel system and the only one I know that can travel to distances like the relays is use of slipspace or lots of FTL jumps so yes it was FTL not the relays

Would the fact, they were hit by the blast while being inside a subspace-bubble not automatically preclude survival? It seems to me that said bubble was indeed destroyed, the following chain-reaction should have ripped the Normandy apart on a molecular level... (not taking suspension of disbelieve into account here)

Well it appears as though he is in FTL because relay travel is instant. But if he was going FTL, then how did the explosion and shock wave travel FTL? Byrdology (talk)

  • On that one I have to assume "space magic" because the whole Crucible thing is so far out of our range of knowledge that it just appears to be space magic, apparently. Anyway, one thing I did notice is that while the you see FTL space around the Normandy, and in FRONT of the wave, BEHIND the shock wave is simply empty space, which to me implies that it is simply...erasing or ignoring FTL, not sure how to say it, but it's pretty clear it forced him out of FTL travel. I just have no idea what would happen when that happens... Xelestial (talk)
  • The FTL jump would be when the ship vanishes in front of the blast not when the blast and explosion are catching up to it I think. JohnMD (talk)
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Nope looks like they used FTL Because the Normandy is Blue shifted. Though the Godwavium wave from the Crucible of course ignores Physics. SO dose the Normandy dropping out of FTL And not going nuclear.

Yes, infact, the Sword and Shield Fleets activated their Mass Effect cores for an FTL jump. Possibly to the nearest star system to Sol, Alpha Centauri maybe? Since Joker was closer to the Citadel before bugging out, I suppose he was the only one caught in the Crucible's Wave of Death. Where did they jump is unclear, but the left overs of that Galactic Armada left Earth in FTL speeds. Captain John vas Normandy (talk)

  • Yeah but with FTL, don't you just travel really fast? You can't just "warp" to another system like you can clusters with the Mass Relays as far as I understand it. Xelestial (talk)
    • As far as I understand, Reapers can travel up to 80 light years per 24 terran hours or 20 galactic hours. Humans and other races can travel up to 10 ly/24h in standard FTL (non-relay). The Alpha Centauri is 4.3ly from Sol, in the Local Cluster. So it would take atleast 10 hours for the Sword and Shield to get there, so I assume that they were travelling to the outer border of the Sol System. Possibly Pluto, since in EC Destroy they were near the damaged Charon Relay travelling farther in sublight speeds (few kilometers per second). Captain John vas Normandy (talk)

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