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Even if he really did think that tiny explosion killed her, wouldn't he, oh, I don't know, call C-Sec? Call Huerta Hospital to take away the body? (And don't the indoctrinated hanar and his henchmen also get shot dead?) He just leaves all of that mess lying there!

  • He's a Specter.  That means he doesn't have to deal with things like paperwork!  Also, presumably he thinks Shepard will take care of it.  Or maybe he was just walking to the C-Sec office that was like 30 meters away. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

Or maybe that scene is just stupid. Just putting it out there. In case I need to point out the painfully obvious, there was no reason to immediately think that Kasumi was dead. She might have been severely injured and that would have been the perfect time to apprehend her. Or she might have been killed, in which case he would certainly try to make sure, since he had been chasing her for so long. What did he write in his report? "Um, there was, like, an explosion and then, like, the master thief Kasumi, whom I had dedicated months out of my short Salarian lifespan to catch, was killed, I guess (?!), so, um, well, I just went home. Case closed! I 'm off to Vegas, woohoo!" Just another badly written scene, don't overthink it. TiberiusYakushev (talk)

Hey, the fact that a person is supposedly killed and their body then triggers the cloaking device somehow tipped even me off, and I'm not a Spectre. I think Jondum played along with Shepard in order to cut Kasumi loose after she saved the hanar homeworld, even give Shep a chance to recruit her. He's so much of a sumpleton I don't even buy that part. - MA4585159 (talk)

^ That could have been the case, had it not been for the fact that, if Kasumi was not loyal in ME2, both Shepard and Bau assume she got vaporized or something and neither goes looking for her corpse. So, I am afraid you are inferring subtle meaning to what really is just implausible writing. TiberiusYakushev (talk)

I think it's because he respects her. Will-O-Wisp (talk)

  • I don't think it's a matter of respect, I think he's cutting her a break - she's a fairly honourable thief who's just saved the hanar homeworld. - MA4585159 (talk)

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