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Did Saren actually cure the Genophage on Virmire or were all the Krogans just cloned?

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Well, just because the Krogan were there it doesn't mean they were born in the facility. Saren didn't have enough time to raise a full Krogan Warlord or Battlemaster. They were probably just helping him because he promised them a cure. Wether he managed to find one before the facility was destroyed, remains a mistery to the best of my knowledge.


Yes, if Saren found a cure, it's unlikely that any Krogan present would be a result of said cure. The Krogan present most likely joined once they just heard there was a cure. Or they were clones. Okeer cloned adult Krogan that could fight as soon as they were released. Which is what I was asking. If there's any evidence pointed to one more strongly than the other. Captain Kirrahe says there was a cure, but in ME2, TIM refers to it as 'Saren's cloning facility'. Which one is right? STG or Cerberus?

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