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So I decide to play as default femshep. Given the look of the new femshep I thought it would be a good choice, but when I upload my save and picked the default did not look anything like the box art on my collectors case of the game. So I'm like what the #$%&. Was it just me.

It didn't look much like what's on the box art, true. I like the in-game face a lot, though. Always pick it when playing as a female Shepard.

They look pretty similar to me... Man, I love how people try to pass off an opinion as a question and words it like everyone agrees with them; on the Internet you're always going to have people that agree or disagree with you, regardless of the topic or belief. Sorry for the mini-rant, but stuff like that just annoys me. I'm not really a FemShep player, but the barely visible details on the box art are a lot more apparent on the rendered face, so I can understand why people might think they look different. Then again, it's a bit different with the CE metal case... Terminator-HIX

Well said. As to my opinion, I think the new FemShep default looks fine and I wouldn't say it doesn't look anything like the box art. I do prefer the original FemShep appearance, but the new look is great too. (It's always seemed to me that the MaleShep on the ME1 case doesn't quite look like the in-game MaleShep...) LilyheartsLiara (talk)

I like it. Looks WAY better than the default FemSheps in ME1 and 2. ~Aether

As the games have gone on the femshep model has gotten better in general... Byrdology (talk)

I found it scary..... ColosusX N7 (talk)

I think she's beautiful. The lighting can make her look off at times, but for the most part, the ME3 default face is a huge improvment over the ones in 1 and 2.

I didn't care for the default faces of any of the male or female options in ME 1, 2, or 3 or Dragon Age 1 & 2. So I didn't use any of them. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

I actually quite liked the default female Shepard appearance, Honestly, I don't use the default faces under any circumstances, but I did quite like the default female Shepard. It had indeed tempted me to use it, even though I have yet to. Grif of Hearts (talk)

I dont have a problem with it... however, I do heavily edit my game so I took the default, removed the freckles since Ive never liked how any game has done them, changed eye color depending on what I'm feeling like for the day or character, and fixed a few mesh problems.... but it still ends up looking very similar to the default. My laptop background is the femshep image that came with the game, and I prefer the femshep trailer to the male shep one. So yes, some people do actually like default femshep. As for default male shep, I only use him because it's near imposible to make a decent looking male shep, I am sick of his face but I'll take it over a player made genetic dead end shep. KaedAemoh (talk)

I used her for my first playthrough, and really didn't like how wide her jaw was or her facial structure in general. She was much less attractive than any of the concept art. Her facial structure is almost identical to that of Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones), only default FemShep's jaw is wider. I tend to mod and use the default textures on a custom FemShep's facial structure. Looks much better than default in my opinion. Niquorebel Cousland (talk)

I'm not enamored of the model she ended up with. Head bone structure feels horrifically unnatural, freckles were unnecessary, and lipstick color is too bright for a military officer. Still, I ended up using default model for my new playthrough, because it solves three most annoying problems with custom appearances: 1) pig nostrils; 2) ungodly wide mouth; 3) eyelids and eyelashes clipping through brow bones. New default model has neither of these. The idea to modify it is interesting though. Mitranim

She actually looks a hell of a lot similar to my girlfriend, minus the bad texturing. Infact, my entire femshep playthrough was her doing, except for the atrium in grissom academy, it was too hard Thunder (talk)

I actually really loved the default ME3 Fem-Shep. When I first got the game, I tried making a custom face but I had to go back to default. I liked her much better than the ad art which, to me, looked too cartoony. Of course, this is all just opinion - everyone finds different things attractive. I happen to like wider jawlines. What I liked best about the ME3 Fem-Shep (and I did consider her beautiful), is that she looked like a woman, not a girl. She looked old enough to have the talent, skill and experience to be the soldier that Shepard needed to be. I do agree that they put WAY too much makeup on her for a military commander and the lipstick was too red. Lilbeing (talk)

If I have any complaints about the default lady Shepard is that her neck seems a little too thin. Makes her head look oddly disproportionate at times. Otherwise, yeah, I also really like her wide jawline and her multitude of freckles (actually, they may well be my favorite thing about her). There are also a few little details on her skin that I really like, but which are not always very visible under the game's opaque lighting, like the fact that she has what appear to be mild acne scars over the bridge of her nose. It's kinda nice. I also really like that you can see the individual hair strands on her hair texture, and that the expressive lines on her face are so marked. Lots of little details like that.

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