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I could be wrong (it's been a while since I ran through ME2) but I'm pretty sure either he or she mentions in passing that they were only ever just friends because she was waiting for/missing "someone." I think the identity of that someone is obvious. =P But even if she had, could you really blame her? Gotta move on eventually.

Both Liara and Feron say they are just friends even if your not with Liara. By the way, sk a bloody sensible question next time, I mean, does this really help you enjoy the game more?

(This is a different person posting) Depends if Shepard romanced her or not. If Shepard did Liara makes it clear to Feron that she is taken. If Shepard did not it is unknown what she did.

^ It IS known. If you read ME: Redemption, you'll see that Liara and Feron didn't have any time before Feron was captured. And after Feron is freed, Liara clearly states that she doesn't feel good about taking advantage of him right now. Land Raider 04:12, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

^ And didn't Liara spend most of Redemption alternating between taking verbal stabs at Feron and threatening to kill him? My understanding is that Liara bends over backwards to look for Feron only because he let himself get captured so Liara could escape with Shepard's body.