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When importing a Mass Effect 2 character into Mass Effect 3, the character will be brought forward exactly as it was left off. A level 30 character in Mass Effect 2 that is imported into Mass Effect 3 will retain its level and abilities, and can immediately start working toward the new level cap of 60.[3] Any credits that an imported character had in Mass Effect 2 will be reset in Mass Effect 3.[4] New players will be given an approximation of what they would have had at the conclusion of Mass Effect 2.[5]

  • [5] refers to a feature that didn't make it into the retail game. New characters start at level 1. Terminator-HIX

Short answer: No. Silver lining, the Alliance is a lot more generous with its credits than Cerberus is. And you can rake in quite a bit of money doing the side missions, too. Terminator-HIX

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