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While I haven't seen any evidence disproving that notion, I don't think force bonuses count towards melee, since it technically isn't a "power" Daverwulf (talk)

  • It's not what the question is about. Mitranim

I don't have a ready answer but it could be tested, if there's a known power threshold after which a certain enemy gets staggered / knocked down. Default melee force values can be retrieved from coalesced.bin. As an offtopic note, while quickly searching for an answer, I noticed that Narida's Class Builder has a list of modifier coefficients against protection (shields / armor / barriers) for melee attacks, easily viewable in the class picker. It thinks most melees are 75% effective against armor, while tech- and biotic-flavored melees are 150% effective against all protection types, and swords are 100% against everything. Mitranim

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