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I use them for SMG-totting characters since you can't equip two different barrels at the same time. Every other mod to me seems obviously useless. If anybody can actually answer this I would like to know how you figured it out.

I'd think piercing mod (shoot through light cover and ignore a % of armor) is useful. Have an idea how to test accuracy: turn off squadmate power autouse, start some minor mission, do not damage enemies in any way and record how long will it take for your squadmates to kill the first wave of enemies with and without accuracy mod.

I don't have any proof, but from reading on the BioWare forums the general consensus is that the best combo for squadmates is the piercing mod + barrel (damage) mod. From some basic coalesced.ini research and editing, you can see that squadmates don't have the issue of recoil - which is why the Revenant and Hurricane are brutal. They also have more simplistic accuracy parameters, and from what I've read, the scopes don't do anything. I haven't noticed any difference in accuracy (I used to equip a scope on one weapon for squadmates with the Pistol + SMG combo) since I switched to the AP + Barrel combo.

  • Piercing and Damage Mods (all) - WORKS
  • Extended Mags - WORKS, squadmates do reload so this is somewhat beneficial (depending on weapon AI burst fire in coalesced.ini, benefit varies from weapon to weapon)
  • Omni-Blade/Melee Stunner/Shotty Blade - Appear to work, unverified (but no evidence to suggest otherwise, however other mods are still better)
  • SMG High Velocity Barrel - WORKS
  • Ultralight Materials - Useless, no squad weight factor
  • Shotgun Choke - I've read that this is useless, something to do with the way shotguns are coded or possibly that the game just doesn't modify NPC accuracy in the accuracy calculations.
  • Scope - Useless (see choke)
  • Sniper Enhanced Scope - Useless, squadmates can see and target enemies through smoke and even walls, accuracy bonus only helps Shepard (same as other scopes/shotgun choke)
  • Heatsink - Useless (according to forums, have not tested to verify but either way it would hardly help)
  • Spare Thermal Clip - Useless, squad has unlimited backup ammo
  • Concentration Mod - Only damage bonus works
  • SMG Recoil System/AR Stability Dampener - Useless, no squad recoil
  • Cranial Trauma Mod - unknown

Edited: Not logged in for original post M storch (talk)

  • Squadmates will get the damage bonus from the Cranial Trauma Modual, but they don't go for headshots by default, so it's not a terribly effective choice. Likewise, they do get the bonus from the SMG Heatsink mod, but as they don't track spare ammo they don't get as much use as Shepard does and so the choosing between it and the Magazine Capacity mod hinges entirely on which one is higher level. Keep in mind, however, that squadmates tend to hold the trigger down until they need to reload, but Liara is fragile enough that staying out of cover that long can easily result in her getting taken down by enemy fire. With EDI it's less of a concern, thanks to her higher health & shields combined with Defensive Matrix and Decoy. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

Thanks Lyran, I had assumed that the Cranial Trauma Mod would work, but as you said, squadmates don't go for headshots so the damage and armor piercing mods are better choices. Are you sure the SMG heatsink works? I've read a lot of reports that it doesn't - I'll test it and find out. As far as squadmate burst length, there is a parameter labeled "AI Burst Fire" in the coalesced.ini that determines this for each weapon. The Revenant is great with James and especially Ashley (Marksman makes it unstoppable) because the burst length is 25-40 rounds, depending on enemy health and enemies returning fire. Each weapon has its own burst length, so the Mag Capacity mods are more helpful on some weapons than others. M storch (talk)

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