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It's configured per weapon. For example, Javelin or Widow don't have inbuilt armor penetration. Cover piercing and arpen are separate and independent stats. Even on weapon mods, they don't consistently correlate. Ratio of cover pierce / arpen is different for sniper rifle mods than for assault rifle mods. I'm not familiar with new weapons, but even if there are guns that have both stats by default, it's more an exception than a rule. Mitranim

Ok, so the Javelin isn't going to automatically do better against armor than any other sniper rifle (aside from default damage weighed against that of same-ranked weapons), I'd still need the HV Barrel or Piercing Mod for some serious armor damage.  Thanks. RShepard227 (talk)

Armor is a static number subtracted from weapon damage. In vanilla game files, armor on Insanity / Gold is 50. Javelin I damage is ~800, net damage is 750. Indra I damage is ~48, net damage is probably 1. The Javelin loses 6% damage, while the Indra loses 98% damage. Since sniper rifles with inbuilt cover piercing tend to be slow and powerful, they already fare better against armor than other SRs. With other guns, things are less cut and dried. Mitranim

  • So Piercing Mods are a waste of space on rapid-fire weapons, or on the slow fires? Because it sounds like a barrel is a better option for the Javelin while the Indra should have a Piercing Mod. RShepard227 (talk)
  • 800 × 1.25 - 50 = 950, while 800 - 50 × 0.6 = 767. Assuming level 5 mods, a barrel and a piercing mod should even out around the point where 0.25 of weapon damage equals 0.65 of armor value. For armor value 50, that's about 130 weapon damage. For armor 30 (vanilla Silver), that's about 78 weapon damage. When damage is higher, a barrel gives more straight damage. Mitranim

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