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From how I understand it, it's the latter. I've never actually tested it out myself, though. DDCris (talk)

Yeah, that's what I was told to, that's why I asked. I'm trying to determine if Expose in certain Rank 5s is more valuable, but if it's strictly the latter case, then those who use Annihilation Field will benefit more from Movement Speed, as well as Adepts who detonate Warp after two seconds. I'll keep this bumped up and try to get commentary from the other contributors. RShepard227 (talk)

My male human adept has expose, the female has the other. I've not noticed a change in the detonation strength but since a lot of people in PUG's like throwing powers at my target for combo's the expose helps them deal more damage. Only time the alternative is useful for me is if I toss a warp and leave the target alone for a while. Now if only there was a way to stop the male adept from grunting every time he throws a power.... KaedAemoh (talk)

  • Good to know. It's not the other people detonating, I've been in the same situation. If there's no difference, it's because Expose doesn't increase the damage. And that's why I have Expose only on the Turian Sentinel's Warp, he can't detonate it, so it benefits Overload and whatever gun he's carrying. Seems like Movement Speed is really the way to go with the N7 Fury. RShepard227 (talk)

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