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Mate, sadly a breathing scene but its a quick second. He/She probably died of wounds

The best Destroy ending certainly implies it (and that's intended by the devs); if you look at the new scenes, you get your LI (or the teammate you had the most contact with) refusing to put Shepard's name on the memorial wall, then you see the repaired Normandy lifting off (presumably heading for the Citadel) followed by the "Shepard taking a breath" scene. What follows from there is left to your imagination, but the implication of Shepard surviving and meeting up with the Normandy crew again is certainly there in the Destroy ending. Better still, the EC knocks the EMS requirement for the best endings down to around 3100 :) I'm sure people will be happy that now they can get all the endings without having to play MP. Terminator-HIX

  • Nice possiblity, hope it's true. Orbrital
  • It was apparently confirmed by one of the devs on BSN that the implication of Shepard's survival and reunion with the Normandy crew in the best Destroy ending is intentional. The reunion itself, however, is being left to the players' imaginations... Terminator-HIX
  • ^ Link if possible?
  • Oh what the... Could Deviant Artists draw something for us to see? :D Orbrital
  • I don't see why not. They can apparently draw just about anything on that site... Terminator-HIX
  • I think some of the wiki-ers here are Deviant Artists... Maybe they could draw out their imagination of the reunion? I am pretty excited to see what fans have in store, especially when they are artists. Orbrital

I liked the fact that the ghost child plainly says "if you choose destroy, then those who survive will have little difficulty repairing what was lost" and since we all been down the quarian-geth road before, we know that the quarians can simply invent new geth and not treat them like machines now. Thunder

  • Sorry, that was irrelevant. Yes, the bonus scene is still there, and is exactly the same as before. Thunder

Don't need it drawn up by Deviant Artists, Shepard is the blurry person sitting in the chair off to Zaeed's side. His/Her LI is off grabbing drinks while the whole group chills on the beach drinking and living off the royalties from the vids. :) Not confirmed of course, but still fun to think about since you do see Shepard inhale, the Citadel is only charred from the explosion and you figure everyone else on the citadel survived from the magical closing bulkheads the writers mentioned in one of their discussions. Just wonder how long it takes for them to travel back to Sol space without relay speeds (since they left the system) clear rubble on citadel, and save the people still on it. Hopefully Shepard doesn't die of starvation or blood loss waiting on them.

It has been months since I even played the game. I have just finished exams. Just to check, I loaded an archived Xbox "Destruction" ending with Ashley as love interest accompanying Shepard on the final run after cranking up the war readiness as high as I could (around 8100). To my astonishment I saw the extended cut had a dialogue where they tell each other "I love you" while blood spattered and injured Ash (and in this case, Liara) are being loaded into the Normandy. Shepard says "Now go" and they go. Matters proceed as usual till a cleaned-up Ashley has the duty of placing "Commander Shepard" on the memorial wall. EDI is already up there, above left, below Caroline Grenado I think, so will not be joining Joker on the beach. But Ash never does put Shepard's name on the wall.

In other endings, where Kelly or Miranda were the romance options, some random person also declines to put the name on the wall (Kelly probably dead, Miranda absent on other adventures). SDoradus (talk

Bioware confirmed that Shepherd lives and possible reunion depicting the ship lifting off,

Link? I do actually recall hearing a very young gamer saying that. SDoradus (talk)

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