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It appears that it does not. This is more than made up for by a) giving it a chance to stun all enemies, not just synthetics and b) that synthetic enemies are significantly rarer in ME3 than they are in ME2. There are only 3 missions in the entire game where you fight geth forces, and Cerberus turrets and Atlas mechs are relatively rare opponents. Luper567 (talk)

I'm sure pcmasterrace Mitranim can crack the game open and do the math, but from personal experience it seemed that Disruptor Ammo had a discreet greater chance to stun synthetics than organics while doing only additional shield damage. Could just be my imagination. RShepard227 (talk)

  • I shed that and ascended to a better platform, but it doesn’t have ME3. Can’t check the files now. Speaking from memory, in ME2 Disruptor Ammo had bonus damage and stun chance only against synthetics (shield damage and weapon overload against organics), while in ME3, it has bonus health damage and stun chance against everyone. Mitranim

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