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No if you choose synergy at 2800 millitary strength or higher heroes not appear for sure

  • No, I had maximum military strength and readiness and my Destroy ending showed Javik, Joker, and James while my Synthesis endind showed Joker, EDI, and Javik. I had heard that it shows whoever Shepard used most but I only used Javik for one mission...
  • Using a range of squadmates can differ the chances of seeing different characters in the ending cutscenes.

Yes I saw him at the end of mine, I don't think that is a cutscene I believe it is rendered in realtime. The people you see depends on who you use for squadmates. Ryanshowseason2

Javik is *always* the second person to come out of the Normandy when I choose the Control or Destroy endings, even in playthroughs where I literally never used him. The third person is always someone who was in my squad during the run to the beam. I once chose the Synthesis ending, and the second person was EDI, while the third was Ashley, who was my love interest (I understand that if you romanced someone who is aboard the ship, you'll always see them walking out at the end. That was the only time I romanced someone who was aboard the Normandy instead of sticking with someone who wasn't, like Jack).

I had heard that whoever you talk to the most and your love interest (Provided they survive and you had enough military strength) will exit the Normandy during the Destroy ending, in the Synthesis ending EDI and your love interest will exit the Normandy and I don't know about control.

^ Confirming that answer. During my synthesis ending, got EDI and Liara (LI of my character). Fun fact : During that playthrough, I took Liara with me during the final assault (and the first one who says that fourteen letter word will be doomed over a milion generations) Dracian ME

^ 14-letter word?? RShepard227

^ In-doc-tri-na-tion

- I did the syntesis ending. Javik was the third and last member to get out of the Normandy, right after Joker and EDI.

Here are some facts. In the synergy ending you will see Joker, EDI and your onboard LI. If you don't have an onboard LI then the third member is based on a likability number that the game tracks. You don't have to take this character on missions to increase it and different characters have different base values. Now for destroy and control it will be Joker, onboard LI and highest remaining likability number character. And if you don't have an onboard LI the two highest rated characters come out. One reason you see Javik alot is that he has a high default number. But I have verified that you can recruit him and then if you never talk to him, take him to the citadel or on misisons while doing all this for the other crew memebrs then he won't appear. My guess is the default number for Javik is pretty high so even minor interactions pushes him past others except the LI which gets a hugh boost.Goodmongo

Actually, this depends on what other DLCs you have. If it's just From Ashes DLC alone, based on my observations, Javik will not appear at the start of the ending sequence, but will show up while boarding off the Normandy after the crash, given that he's been at the push for the conduit, he's been interacted with more than anyone else (or at least as much as your LI), and that you have high enough military strength.

//about the scene at the start of the ending sequence

I believe that Javik will show up only if you have both the From Ashes and the Extended Cut DLC. I have experimented on these DLCs, because I finished the whole game without the Extended Cut DLC--female Shepard, no romance, tried all endings, Javik is the most used squad member--but he did not show up (those guys being Anderson, Joker and Liara/EDI/Thane) at the cutscenes. When I got Extended Cut DLC working and (thanks to the save editor, I got a save at the Crucible) I retried the three endings, Javik finally appeared at the Control and Destroy endings. It seems EDI always appear at the Synthesis ending, no matter what I do. (Oh, it's a Paragon Shepard btw, explains why Anderson always appear.)

//about the people coming out of the Normandy after the crash

I don't believe that Javik is always the second of your surviving squad/LI out the Normandy, since the release of Citadel DLC (and more arduous hours of playing the new stuff and replaying the endings) Javik will appear after Joker goes out of the Normandy, especially when you're playing with an unromanced female Shepard--who happened to have *something* with Javik in the latest DLC. Javik will be the second one out of the ship in the Synthesis ending since Joker and EDI will go out together of the ship, showing that she's already altered by the Crucible, just like everyone else. A high Military Strength rating is an assurance that both the people you have in your squad in the end will survive.

Unless you rather have your LI left in the Normandy and did the push for the conduit with Javik + other crew member, and when you have interacted mostly with that other crew member (aside from LI), the ones coming out will be LI and the other crew member. In Synthesis, it'll be just the LI.

Pure paragon, EMS above 10,000, "galactic readiness" around 90%, Tali story-long "romantic interest" (celibate in ME1 deliberately), passionate chooser of Paragon-Destroy ending - far more than 50% of the ground assault forces reporting ( I forget the name, "Hammer"?), conquering, Normandy takes no damage, Hackett narrates upliftingly, etc. - but who walks out of the crashed Normandy on the "prelapsarian" planet symbolizing regenerative hopefulness? At least Tali correctly refused to declare me dead and the scene of my vital heart activity in the rubble was shown.

Joker, understandably; Tali, very understandably; then, I am informed, the last is the character I was closest to (in terms of friendship, depth of interaction) should walk out following Tali - in my case, Garrus beyond any doubt, Tali and Garrus were my best friends as Shep.'s most loyal "associates" - but JAVIK, of all squadmates, always JAVIK, awkwardly crawls out of the Normandy even if I literally did not interact with him ONCE beyond Eden Prime's mission.

I have nothing against Javik, I even like some aspects of his quasi-Nietzschean world-view, but he was not my best friend. The game files could only be really malfunctional not to recognize this data.

And on a peripherally related issue, why does EDI die in Destroy with highest EMS? Does that mean the Geth who ensouled themselves, fighting right beside the Quarians in the end as cousins, also died? The Geth were en-souled, I made darn sure of it - en-souled the spiritually right way.

The whole point of Legion and EDI was the transformation of consciousness reaching the point where "ensoulment", "hominization", "sapienization" actualized itself in the right direction despite Reaper interference. Why is EDI dead? The moment she said she understood agapic kenotic self-sacrifice, she was beyond synthetic...

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