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Considering that Kelly doesn't lock-in the way other LIs do, I'd be inclined to say no. Terminator-HIX

She does not. It's curious. In ME2, she was a love interest, but she didn't unlock the Paramour achievement. In ME3, she does unlock the Paramour achievement, but she doesn't have a flashback. She's like the redheaded stepchild of the ME love interest family.

It doesn't surprise me after all my ME1, LotSB and ME3 LI Liara didn't recognize that I've cheated on her with Kelly. However, she does realize if you cheat with Thane, Samantha or Allers. Kelly is just treated differently in ME2 and ME3. Zero7

Absolutely. I had the odd experience of watching characters discuss Kelly's death although Shepard had saved her from Cerberus.

On the Xbox I started four different games, imports from ME1 via ME2, trying to work through the traditional novelistic plot possibilities:

- two dedicated to relationships with Liara (sympathetic and smart) and Ashley (human and therefore able to have a human family). Cheating with Kelly didn't really feel wrong (Ashley had ditched Shepard in ME2, Liara didn't seem to want to know). In these I did check up on her in ME3 but maintained the Liara/Ashley romance.

- two others where Shepard romanced Miranda or Kelly (no cheating), continued into ME3.

Keeping Kelly alive in that last was really rather difficult. By the end of the Cerberus Coup I had managed it, including one last dialogue where she gave her Shepard an old snapshot. Imagine my surprise when Donnelly and Daniels in the Engineering bay discuss her shooting by Cerberus! Obviously, this should not have happened.

I skedaddled back to the Citadel and checked - she was very much alive and 'missed' me. Strange. This should be triggered by some sort of global variable which had clearly not been set. My best guess is that it's not triggered by Kelly's shooting - you never see that happen. There's some other non-obvious criterion.

The lesson I took is that Kelly doesn't have a developer in BioWare responsible for continuity. That may be a side effect of BioWare's apparent determination to cast the galaxy-shaking story as a tragedy in which the central character is apart from mortal men, like a sleeping King Under The Mountain (Aarne #766).

For example it seems only one character (Ashley) can actually have human kids by Shepard, in principle. Though there are two other remote possibilities: Jack (who apparently doesn't live long) and Kelly (who we never see again, after the refugee docks are obliterated by the Crucible). SDoradus (talk)

I don't remember seeing her, but I wasn't looking for her. I do find it really suprising that we didn't see the human squad member killed in ME1. Ceallo 574

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