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Citadel's content doesn't become available until after the Cerberus coup, so Thane doesn't appear in the DLC for obvious reasons (being on his deathbed and all...). That doesn't mean there isn't content relevant to him, though. Terminator-HIX (talk)

  • If you romanced him in ME2, even if you break up with him in ME3, Kolyat will give you some video messages from him. So there /is/, if a pittance of it, new Thane content in Citadel.

Thane personally does not appear, but a memorial service can be held for Thane. From what I've heard, Kolyat gives you video messages from Thane regardless of romance, but there is an extra video for a female Shepard who romanced him. LilyheartsLiara (talk)

  • Correct, Kolyat does give you 3 video messages regardless of romance. I got them as a male Shepard.  JohnMD (talk)
  • Really? I played as a male Shepard and didn't get anything related to Thane. I visited him in the Huerta hospital and read his prayer with Kolyat. Did I do something wrong? Will-O-Wisp (talk)
  • What I did was have Thane loyal in ME2, visited him in the Huerta Hospital every time he sent me an email, and like you did read his prayer with Kolyat. After the service, Kolyat mentions that he found some vids that were destined to Shepard. You are able to view those by interacting with the TV on the 2nd floor (3 entries).  JohnMD (talk)

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