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I do, it's too easy. Land Raider

I do. In ME2, i loved Cerberus, as shadowy, neither good neither evil "do whatever it takes" organization. I still have some feelings for Cerberus even that Bioware turned them in the comic evil equivalent of Luthorcorp. "We are evil because we are evil"-New Cerberus creed in ME3 - Lihkan

Well, if there was another way to beat Cerberus in ME3 aside just fighting the footsoldiers, I would take it. However now that there are no options to choose from, I don't feel guilty. — Dogmatix

I feel jealous. Why? Because they get all the high end gear like tech and biotic blocking gloves and walkers that can crush a krogan in a single snap it's not fair man :( . Unholyinfinity

I felt guilty for killing them... Because they were kidnapped and brutally forced against their own will... People should never suffer this kind of injustice. Glad that I shot the bastard known as the Illusive Man. But after reading others' thoughts, I guess it's best to do a favour for the poor souls by killing them. Orbrital

To be honest, I had absolutely no clue who Cerberus was at the beginning of ME2, I guess I just didn't see the connection from ME1. I liked the Illusive Man mainly because he is voiced by Martin Sheen, an actor whom I respect immensley. And I was able to spot the traps (Collector Vessel) outright, and I didn't think it was that big of a deal. But, to answer the question, I stopped liking Cerberus after Overlord was released and I played it. Maybe that was just 1 scientist, but...I don't know. I did not regret killing Cerberus's face off all throughout ME3. Thunder

As far as I know, you can't get un-indoctrinated, so I consider it mercy-killing. Niquorebel Cousland

I have to say that I don't feel guilty about killing Cerberus soldiers. Cerberus moved into my dislike catagory after the trap on the Collector Cruiser. As for certain members, well there is one member that I feel certain satisfaction about killing. That member is the (Mando'a word for poison, used a battlefield curse, followed by the Quarian word for bastard) Kai Leng, the only character that I LOATHE ENTIRELY.

  • Ryan, we all loathe Kai Leng, he killed a badass friend known as Thane. =( Orbrital
  • ^ There's more than one Ryan on this site?? Cool. Anyway, Thane also managed to keep Lieutenant Bastard Kai Leng from his target while being terminally ill. In my book, Thane is worth 133 War Assets, five times the value of any other ME2 party member (save for Legion and Tali, who are both required to get you two factions when you normally have to choose. Put together they're 300 minimum). RShepard227

I don't feel guilty about killing Cerberus Troops. Nope. I feel proud; for putting them out of their misery. And of course the challenge of firing a shot through the hole in the Guardian's shield is always fun; especially with the Widow, or as I call it, the Widow-Maker

I'm doing the galaxy a favor, so no.

Not at all. They are a bunch of human supremicists and since I choose the Sole-Survivor rep, that means they helped make my Shep's life a little worse. And in ME3, most of them are indoctrinated, so it's much more merciful to kill them, honestly. user:Daverwulf

no tim is sending them to there inevitable death

no, it makes me happy!

Anyone who faces us is either stupid or working for the Reapers. Killing the latter is business. Killing the former is a favor to the galaxy.

Nope. In fact my paragade Shepard slaughtered them with glee. Tjkoshy686 00:41, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

Well...a little bit. I mean, they did save Shepard. (Finds out they're indoctrinated). On second thought, we're doing them a favour, so no guilt. Alpha-30

I liked cerberus when they were viglanites helping the helpless but now there a little to mainstream and evil

Not even remotely. You cannot feel guilt in a firefight. You must be ready to pull that trigger without even the remotest hesitation. If you don't pull that trigger out of mercy or puty or guilt... What's stopping them from pulling their own on you? Sure, they may have been civilians but not they are not. It's like the Reapers, you're not killing a civilisation when you kill a Reaper, you're killing a machine of death. If you're going to mourn them, mourn what they were before they were changed. That man died when he was taken, not when you pulled the trigger. Giving these monsters mercy is not a heroic thing, it is an evil thing. These demons are working against your wishes to save the universe. ~ Kyoko.

Like someone said above, you can't un-indoctrinate someone, so mercy-killing them isn't just an excuse. See, there is some entry in Liara's Shadow Broker terminal, that describes a captured Phantom's interrogation. It ends with an ocular-nerve flashbang going off in her head (sounds like TIM did listen to Mordins advice). So even if you get to capture a Cerberus soldier, they'd commit suicide before you could do anything. They are more like Husks anyway, only that they can still talk to some capacity (Phantom and Nemesis - not so much) and that they behave like "normal" enemies. LeoJo

No more than I'd feel guilty killing Nazis in a game that had them as villains. Cerberus being "pro-human" is much like any organization that claims to be "pro-white". It's a euphemism for xenophobia and ethno-supremecism. One of the door guards in ME3 says it nicely - "I joined up to kick ass, but I need a reason other than 'it has horns' to kill something." Contrast the Illusive Man with Ashley's "not being a big fan of aliens" while being perfectly willing to work along side them for a common purpose and her rejection of Cerberus and outrage at Shepard for joining them. Cerberus and the Illusive Man represent every xenophobic would-be world conqueror in history, but on a much larger scale. As for the foot soldiers, they're trying to kill the team attempting to save all sentient life in the galaxy - regardless of what they were before, they have become if not evil themselves, tools of evil. Killing the volunteers is killing Nazis. Killing the indocrinated ones is killing zombies/robots. In neither case does this make me feel any guilt.

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