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American summer is August right? I am guessing one month at the most. Anish (talk)

  • Sounds reasonable. The Firefight DLC will be released on August 7, 2012, so Leviathan shouldn't be released much later. LeoJo (talk)
  • Likely to be on a Tuesday as well, based on previous releases. I would say look for it no earlier than 21 August.
    • Well here's an American to give the specifics. Summer doesn't technically end until September 21st, even though most of the kids go back to school the first week of September. But from the demo I've seen, they've already got the cast to do their voices (Garrus, Vega, and Cortez get their own dialogue, unlike ME2 DLC where it was just Shepard, Liara, or the new people), so I imagine it's close to finished. Still, "summer" means September 21st at the latest. RShepard227 (talk)
    • Demo? Me want to see it. :P Anish (talk)
    • Enjoy. There's also proof that the MP stuff is coming to single player. RShepard227 (talk)
    • Thanks! Meh, I have only 800 MS points, so it looks like I won't be getting the weapons, not that they are needed as such, but its always fun to have some OP shiz :P Anish (talk)
    • The Firefight Pack is only 160 MS points. Surely you could scrape up another 200 points in the couple of weeks to get Leviathan... Terminator-HIX
    • Yes, but he'd be required to buy 400 points worth. As would I. Oh well, I guess the change can go to another Premium Spectre. RShepard227 (talk)
    • Oh great, more paid DLC? Orbrital (talk)
    • More? Hasn't there been only one other than this one? Anish (talk)
    • Other than the Leviathan DLC, there is Firefight and another one (which I have forgotten about the name). Orbrital (talk)
    • From Ashes. From what I've seen so far, BioWare has built Leviathan up to be ME3's answer to Lair of the Shadow Broker. If Leviathan is even nearly as good as LotSB was, it'll be worth the $10. And people can choose to pay $2 to bring some of the MP guns into the SP mode (which means I'll finally be able to try out the Harrier :D). I don't get why everyone is so against paid DLC now, when nearly all of ME2's add-ons were paid DLC? Terminator-HIX
    • We can't expect THAT much free stuff from them. I have no problems paying for single player DLC, really, why does everyone think we are entitled to stuff. Bioware IS a company after all. Anish (talk)
    • I don't have problems with paid DLC especially ME2's, but I have problems with both From Ashes and the Firefight Pack for varying reasons, From Ashes, well, just about every problem with day one DLC. The Firefight pack, a bit more complex, when the first multiplayer DLC came out, I guess PC gamers were able to mod the game so they could use it for SP, not really a bad thing, then apparently BioWarEA caught on to this and locked all weapons from subsequent packs into the EA server. And now they're releasing a pack you have to PAY to get the weapons for SP. So I look at it as nothing more than another pathetic cash grab.
    • Then don't buy it. Problem solved. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
    • Pretty much. And besides, only PC players would be inconvenienced by not being able to hack MP weapons into SP. If you play on a console, this pack is the only option you got to bring weapons across game modes. And it's not like any of these guns are on the disk; every gun in the Firefight Pack is either brand new, a former pre-order bonus or taken from the Resurgence or Rebellion Pack DLCs. Terminator-HIX
    • I know, but it has iffy at best as a business tactic written all over it, and that's what I was getting at.
    • It just floors me when gamers get up in arms over paying for DLC. It is not a "iffy" business tactic. It is the new reality. How do you thing the MP content; maps, weapons, etc., are able to be released at no cost? Purchase options for packs, that is how they are financed. To wail that releasing single player content for a price is a iffy business tactic is, well, ignorant. Game companies are into extending shelf life and tray life, they build a base package, and release options to keep the game viable until the next release. $10.00 is cheap if the expansion is on line with LotSB. Sorry, admins if you need to erase my rant I understand, sometimes you gotta get it out. Havok1369 (talk)
    • I have nothing against paid DLC normally and understand why it is released at cost, such stuff like LoTSB, Dawnguard, and Arrival. I am slightly annoyed by the release of the Firefight pack for the reasons given but other than that I'm fine. What my real beef with it is when companies release Day One DLC like From Ashes which is obviously nothing more than a cheap cash grab and takes up development time that should have been spent on the original game, or could have simply been put with the disk at launch. Please don't try and defend such an obviously unethical business move. Day One DLC that is.
    • Dude, it's been five months since that was released and the complaints had gotten old since before it was even released. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
    • Of course its gotten old, but that doesn't mean a majority of the complaints aren't valid or that companies should do it again.
    • The problem is that there's absolutely nothing new to be said on the topic, it's just regurgitating, again, the same old complaint. It's not adding anything new to the conversation and regardless of whether or not i wa's a valid complaint at the time it's no longer relevant. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
    • It should also be noted that a lot of those people that complained about From Ashes being Day One DLC likely ended up buying it anyway. In the games industry, as with any commercial software, money can talk louder than the most obnoxious forum poster. Terminator-HIX
  • Leo, you don't have to seperate bullets with a line, only *main* points Anish (talk)
  • Heh, I saw it like that once, will keep that in mind for the future! LeoJo (talk)

If the announcement and release dates for the Extended Cut are any indication, it's possible that we might see Leviathan sooner than we think. I mean, even within the next week or two. They also said the EC would be out during the summer, and they released it on June 26 (in other words, extremely early into the summer), and they also announced the release date on June 22 (four days prior to the release date). It seems to me that they only start to go heavy with the announcements and promotional material once the product is next to ready.

If it doesn't come out very soon, before I leave for school, I am going to be very upset. I haven't dealt with how I'm going to be able to cope without playing a game every day I've been playing for months...Commandermax (talk)

Hah, I'm about to go over seas for a year... I have no clue what I'll do without my computer or smart phone. I hope to see this DLC before leaving out myself. As to the MS point cost, I wonder if they'll take the collected total of my customer service ticket rebate vouchers in exchange for the DLC at no cost? I think I've got 3 or 4 20% off my next purchase ones sitting in my email inbox. That video is awesome, Shepard and the squadmates are finally using the weapons you equip them with in cutscenes! It would rock if they tweaked the rest of the game to apply that as well. KaedAemoh (talk)

Massive offtopic Edit

This has been bothering me for a while...American summer is no different from Summer in any country that is above the equator. So if you are following the standard Gregorian calendar with 12 months and 365 days (366 this year), the Summer Solstice is on June 21st. The Autumn equinox (end of Summer); occurs on September 22nd. Even if you live below the Equator, the dates are the same, its just winter instead of summer. Thunder (talk)

  • Are you guys seriously shitting me right now? I make a valid point that for most people on this Wiki, Summer is happening right now; and you guys turn it into a freaking religion and political discussion? This is neither the time nor the place for that Thunder (talk)
  • Sorry about that. :( You were asking why Australia would call it "summer" when it's technically wintertime for them, right? I attributed it to the Roman Empire and the Church (which is true), with the British Empire spreading its customs all over the world, and things snowballed from there. To answer that, it's likely a linguistic thing from using a calendar developed before we fully understood that summer isn't uniform across the Earth. I'm sorry for my role in things getting out of hand. RShepard227 (talk)
  • Why so serious, Thunder :P Alright, we're sorry we derailed your thread, but hey, at least it didn't turn into one of those flame wars that invariably ends with someone being compared to Hitler. :/ The question's pretty much been answered at this point; I guess I didn't see much harm in a bit of off-topic chat. I'm sorry if that rubs you the wrong way :( Terminator-HIX

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