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There is already an evil Renegade interrupt, blasting a Reaper to oblivion with the Quarian Fleet. >:D Orbrital

^ I wouldn't really call that one evil. Reapers are the bad guys after all. Niquorebel Cousland

  • Well, it is Shepard either murdering or showing mercy to the Reaper. Orbrital

No they are evil enogh, killing your friends like mordin Ash/Kaiden Wrex and Legion, sabotoging the genophage cure, wiping out an entire species like the quarians and the geth, and the rachni if the real queen is still alive and killing innocents like Samama's daughter, i wish there were more badass options like telling the dalatrass to shut up, shooting Udina, Pwning kai leng, puching gerrel in the gut, and blowing that reapers ass up with the fleet (Your ass is grass) thats what i want more of.

  • Betraying Tali as well, she's been a close friend of Shepard for a long time... Orbrital
  • Yeah, I don't know how I'll be able to bring myself to do that one when I play fully renegade. I love Tali too much. Niquorebel Cousland

{C}So then, which Renegade option do you think is the most unnecessarily evil? It doesn't have to be an interrupt, just a choice. As in, which one is there no good reason for? In my opinion, it's yelling at Kelly on the Citadel, since she actually commits suicide because you won't forgive her. It's not a ruthless tactic or in the interest of the greater good or anything. It's just plain mean. Niquorebel Cousland

^ Killing Samara's last daughter (although this can be justified as to prevent another Banshee from emerging). Will-O-Wisp

^^ I would say one of the more unnecessary ones (if not he most evil) was beating up Emily Wong in the citadel. For the third time! Shepard should have backed off when she dodged his punch but nooo, you had to headbutt her! The fact she kinda slumps down to the ground indicates that Shepard might have caused some serious damage to her. At a time when you need every war asset you can get that's really not that best option. Atlasmaster

  • Um, it's Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani that Shepard always pulls a Falcon-Punch! on, not Emily Wong. As far as I remember Emily Wong doesn't even get a mention in Mass Effect 3 which is too bad.
    • Ha-ha, three of us missed that, at least! Niquorebel Cousland
    • Yeah, Emily doesn't get mentioned because she died ramming into a Reaper on twitter during the whole #solcomms release day thing. If you have read it, it's kind of a tearjerker. Luper567
    • Really? I don't have Twitter account so I've never heard of this. Is there a transcription of everything somewhere? Scrath that, I see Emily Wong's wiki page has been updated with this info.
    • Oops. Emily Wong was the only reporter that jumped into my head, Khalisah al-Jilani is such a wierd name anyways Atlasmaster

^ I still think it should have been on of your squad mates that goes after her with a *paragon* interrupt to stop them and make nice... On the other hand, I can see how Shepard could be fed up enough to just snap on her like that. Especially since every time a pin drops he/ she draws a pistol looking to eff some stuff up.Byrdology

^ I always thought hitting her was stupid anyway. Definitely petty and childish. Good idea about a squadmate trying something, Byrd. That'd be a nice twist. Niquorebel Cousland

In my opinion Bioware just killed off Renegade-Shepard in ME3. Can you tell the council to go **** themselves? Can you even do the most basic thing: telling the VS you don't trust them anymore and they should get lost? No. You're either silent (like in the case of the council) or you suggest to concentrate on more important topics (VS). Hell, almost all responses in dialogues to the VS are neutral but by far not renegade. I miss the old times when you could really insult people like in the case of the council in ME1. The renegade style of playing is basend on a "I don't give a damn about you" thinking but no, not in ME3 anymore. The only real "renegade" option you get is to beat up Han Gerrel. Zero7

  • It does seem like there is a bit of railroading to be good, but a few of the renegade options are truly evil, like killing your friends Byrdology

^ @Zero7, I think Han'Gerrel deserved it for not giving me a heads up. You sound just like my brother. :) He always says that Bioware is racist against evil. Niquorebel Cousland

^ Well, it's not about evil. But what I always like is personal freedom. I'm not one of these people who are racist against all renegade interrupts in their so-called "ideal" paragon playthroughs. I max out my paragon bar and still have quite a few renegade points because I like to behave as if I am really Shepard. In ME2 and especially ME1 that was perfectly fine. But in ME3? I waited and waited for the opportunity to tell Ashley I hate her for what she has done on Horizon and during Udinas coupe d'etat but it never came. Even when I refuse to take her back on the Normandy we remain on quite good terms. Hell, after the defeat on Thessia, why can't I tell the Asari Councilor it is their fault that the galaxy is lost without the catalyst? On the other hand people are bitching about stuff like shooting Mordin in the back is so evil, well it is certainly not good but what do you expect? If you really want to sabotage the cure (and didn't do the right things in the previous games) than it is logical that such a thing must come. Is Shepard a magician in negotiations? This is what renegade is all about and if you don't have enough facts to back it up it makes perfect sense for me that you must betray your loyal friend to achieve your goal. Or is it cruel that you must shoot someone who doesn't want to back up if the alternative is to lose the galaxy? Zero7

  • That's the same issue my brother has. He wants the freedom to be as evil as possible, and that's fine with me (since it's only a game), though most of the time I can't bring myself to actually do it. I like too many of the characters to be completely Renegade all the time. I still play through half of the Fable games as utterly, mustache-twirling-ly evil because there are just no real consequences. I can just donate all the money I got from murdering the towns and everyone loves me again. What a horrible game mechanic. Money solves everything. As for Ash, you can be pretty dismissive of her and her concerns on Mars. I love the part when I just start walking away when she's in mid-sentence. Niquorebel Cousland

I wish that some of the renegade options would be more evil (at least I would like to have a different option when talking to the Turian Councilor - that few lines with him were too soft considering how he was talking to Shep in ME1 and ME2). On the other hand I found killing Wrex completely unnecessary when sabotaging the genophage cure (at least this is what I got in my playthroughs until now - everytime I sabotage the cure it ends up with Wrex being dead after the confrontation on the Citadel). Simi21

^ I'm betting a lot of people were annoyed at not being able to tell Sparatus off. Niquorebel Cousland

What I wanted to see was "smart @ss" dialogue like they did for Dragon Age 2. There are so many moments where the snarky response is the best! Byrdology

I play 2/3 renegade and 1/3 Paragon. I Agree that Renegades became a littler "nicer" in ME3, but it's not a big deal. As for being more evil? No, Shepard can't be evil. He's a good guy, always will be. Renegade isn't playing evil - it's about being a badass. Yeah, there are some evil renegae choices - which I never take (like choosing Morinth). But I don't think killing Mordin is evil. I did that. I didn't want to. It fucking sucked. I just stared at the screen for like 5 minutes afterwards. And my Shepard hated it too. But it had to be done. Mordin let personal feelings get in the way - I was looking out for galactic interests, that's more important than a single person's life. Mordin, who is usually very smart and has a broad perspective, had a very narrow one in ME3 due to his guilt. Shepard's goal is to stop the Reapers. Personal feelings can't get it the way of that. In my opinion, only a Renegade minded player understands this, being full paragon in every situation is very naive and far too trusting.

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