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Repairs to what?

Pretty vague question, but I would assume he meant the Rannoch mission where you need to save the Admiral and have some squadmate repair stuff from time to time. As for answer, I don't know. I used Tali for all the repair sequences there. — Dogmatix

It also happens on Menae (Palevan's Moon) when you have to fix the comm tower, and the mission with Jacob where the AA guns need to be fixed. I'm not sure if its actually faster, but I've tried swapping them over, like using Liara, then James, Liara (or other techies like Tali or EDI) make a comment like "I'm on it", but using someone like James or Garrus, they say something like "Not my sorta thing but I'll have a go". Don't know if there's actually a physical difference or just that cosmetic one though. And don't use Kaiden or Ashley so don't know what they count as and can't remember Javik though I'd say he's the non-Techie type. Two Cents.

I remember using James a couple times, didn't notice how fast he got the job done, but he did kick the equipment a few times. Havoc 52

Really? Lol. Xelestial (talk) 00:20, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

^ I used James on Menae, he didn't take any longer than Liara. I imagine it's tied to how quickly you wipe out the predetermined enemy waves. For believability's sake, it's better to stick an Engineer on it, but it makes zero difference. RShepard227

I just got to the first one with James and Liara at the tower and finally decided to look this up. I read elsewhere that if you choose someone less technically minded you get an extra round of enemies, but I'm not sure.

EDIT- Actually I just tried it with both and it seemed like Liara did it really quick while I died from too many husks when James was doing it. Xelestial (talk)

  • Yeah, but that's more determined by what class you're playing and how you've got each character equipped. Also whether you're starting a new ME3 game or if you imported a character- at low level you pretty much need James on your side for the durability and grenades he provides, but if you're starting with a 30th level character, Liara's fragile nature isn't a problem due to how much you should be able to pump up her power recharge rates, especially if you've got a biotic Shepard who can blast out a Throw to detonate her Singularities. 6thLyranGuard (talk)
  • I'm not trying to say that me not dying automatically = because Liara did repairs so fast, but anyway I am starting my third playthrough as an Adept (lvl 30), but it is on Hardcore so it was hard for me to tell if it seemed like more husks lasting longer because of my inexperience with the difficulty level or not. However I hadn't and had any major problems since and it was over after only one wave where it seemed like there were multiple waves with James. Further testing would be needed is all I'm sayin. Xelestial (talk)

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