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I assume you mean single player in the PC version. This depends. EA wanted an always-online DRM but didn't have the gall to implement it outright, so they snuck it in as DLC "validation" on game launch. If it fails, none of the installed DLCs work, and you can't load the saves that depend on them.

Of course this only affects legitimate customers on Origin. I don't like to advocate piracy (when it comes to EA, I love to advocate piracy), and ME3 deserves your money, but if you have issues with your connection, pirate the thing you bought to work around this anti-consumer DRM. Mitranim

"Let's make our legit customers jump through hoops just to be able to play our games; that'll show those dang dirty pirates!" Ah, game publisher logic is so hilariously twisted. Always-online DRM is an idea that's blown up in the face of every company that's tried to implement it... though that's not to say EA hasn't tried (SimCity 2013, anyone?). Terminator-HIX

  • Let's never forget that an entire console tried to implement that, possibly for said publisher's immense benefit. That's why I'm on PS4 for the Dragon Age franchise now. RShepard227 (talk)
  • Oh yeah, that was great: "Yeah, we know no company before us has managed to make always-on DRM work for a single game; that's why we're going to try and do it system-wide!" Then the Internet tore 'em a new one and they pulled the Xbox One-Eighty to patch the DRM out and win back the crowd. Never mind that they'd said beforehand that the DRM was crucial to the system's functionally (just like the Kinect, though they eventually pulled a 180 on that too) and they couldn't just patch it out, you still have to connect the thing to the Internet to download the patch that turns the DRM off. If you don't have an Internet connection, you're still boned. Y U fail so hard, Microsoft? Terminator-HIX

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