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All this questions are for Sing-player (patch 1.05 - if possible, not sure it change anything in the game mechanics)

1- Does the Warp + Incendiary ammo bug works on SP?  -->It seems that it doesn't occur in SP.

2-Class passives that increase power duration affect the time the armour weakening is active (if the power has any), the DOT (if has any) and the time it can be detonated (if it can prime)??

3-Anyone know how many seconds you have to detonate a power combo?

4-powers that increase damage taken (cryo blast, proximity mine, pull, warp,...) by a target:

  1. How is damage calculated (multiplied to the base damage, final damage or to the damage multipliers)?
  2. Can the effect "damage taken" by a target stack (w/ the same power or another)?
  3. Does the bonus damage works for weapon, power, ammo (I thought that ammo power damage could only be increased by class passives and soldier ammo bonus), melee and DOT damage? If ammo damage isn't increased, does it affect the DOT from incendiary ammo at least?
  4. Can everyone enjoy the bonus or only the one who casted it?
  5. How does it works w/ Power Combos? E.g: Warp- BEs have 200% damage multiplier against armor/barriers; w/ warp "detonate"+"expose"= 2,0 x 1,5 (detonate) x 1,15 (expose)  or 2,0+0,5(detonate) +0,15(expose)?

5-Detonating a Target primed for 2 explosions: for instance warp first and then incendiary ammo. How does It work?

  1. a) Are the 2 detonated at the same time when I use for e.g. charge? I’m almost sure I’ve detonated a cryo and incendiary at the same time. I also think I’ve seen biotic and fire explosion at the same time (same target)
  2. b) Only one is detonated and if I use another detonator (like nova) then the second power is detonated? and if it is so: which one is detonated first? The one to be primed later?

6-How does the powers w/ DOTs stack? How is it calculated (multiplied to the base damage, final damage or to the damage multipliers) and how it affected by other damage multipliers and power damages? Can DOTs from different powers and/ or weapons stack? How are the DOTs affected by power damage?

7-Powers Doubts:

  1. Cryo and Warp Ammo: the armor weakening is applied after the 1ºst shot and it resets (the movement speed reduction also resets). I’ve read that it stacks from different sources and that w/ 100% armor weakening it negates completely the Armor Damage Reduction. Is that true?  Does the movement speed reduction stacks? From different sources? Does the armor weakening stack w/ cryo blast? The 1st bullet applies the armor weakening: how long does that effect lasts? can the 1st bullet enjoy the weakening or only the 2nd? Can weapons that ignore Armor reduction (projectile weapons) give armor weakening for the other squadmates to enjoy (w/ cryo or warp ammo)?
  2. Frag Grenade: "Bleed Damage"-Does it stack?
  3. Warp- does the armor weakening stack (w/ itself and other powers)? Does the DOT stack?
  4. Cryo Blast-does the armor weakening stack w/ cryo/ warp ammo? does the movement speed reduction stack?
  5. Incinerate-does the DOT stack? How does the DOT interact w/  the DOT from "Burning damage"?
  6. Sabotage: does the sabotage vulnerability applies to tech bursts, DOTs (incinerate) and backfire damage? Does the vulnerability stack?
  7. Carnage, Lash and Inferno Grenades-does the DOT stack? Does “Radius & Shrapnel” only increase the radius?
  8. Energy Drain- I think the damage reduction resets when used w/ other powers w/ DR.--->confirmed it stacks
  9. Reave-Does the DOT stacks and the damage reduction resets?
  10. Dominate-does the damage per second stack (rank 5)? And if it stack: it additive or multiplicative? Rank 6“Vulnerability”- increase the damage from all sources (weapon, ammo, power combos, melee and DOT-including the damage per second)
  11. Dark Channel-can it stack from different sources (e.g Javik and Shepard)?
  12. Is Concussive Shot capable of priming/ detonating tech burst and BEs w/ amplification?JShep (talk) 17:01, May 2, 2013 (UTC)

1. Could you please clarify what bug?

2. Warp Ammo doesn't prime targets, and doesn't have any DoTs. No idea about effect duration.

3. You can set off a combo as long as the target is primed. Duration depends on each individual priming effect.

4.1 and 4.2. Nearly all percentage effects in ME are additive, which means they use a percentage of base value. There are rare exceptions, but I believe debuffs increasing damage taken (non-specific) are additive with each other. And yes, they stack. Which means a target hit by both Proximity Mine and Recon Mine (evolved for debuffs) should be taking 45% more damage, not 25% (as if mutually exclusive) and not 50% (as if multiplicative).

4.3. Bonus damage affects all sources unless stated otherwise. If only weapon damage is affected, then I believe this should be including ammo powers. This is an intuitive estimate based on that ammo powers are additive with other gun damage bonuses. You shouldn't worry about DoTs because only 25% of incendiary damage is dealt over time, the rest is instant.

4.4. Increased damage taken by the target affects all actors unless the power specifically denotes "your damage / powers / etc.".

4.5. Power combos are affected by generic bonuses to damage taken. I don't believe they are affected by power-damage-only debuffs.

5. One power can only set off one explosion. If a target is affected by more than one priming effect, it needs to be hit by more than one power to set them off. Regarding the order, it's likely that biotic powers prioritize biotic effects for detonation. Tech powers can only set off tech combos.

6. DoTs should be affected by whatever affects their source.

7.1, 7.4: Can't answer that.

7.2. No idea. Doesn't matter either way, damage difference would be realistically negligible.

7.3. State-based effects like movement reduction or armor weakening generally don't stack with themselves. Warp Ammo has no DoT.

7.5. No idea. Doesn't matter either way, damage difference would be realistically negligible.

7.6. Not sure if tech vulnerability affects tech bursts, but most likely not, since power combo damage in general is not affected by power damage bonuses. Incinerate ≠ DoT, you're obsessing over DoTs too much. 75% of Incinerate damage is dealt instantly. Also, DoTs are, by their nature, affected by whatever affects their source, but probably don't double-dip in bonuses. Tech vulnerability doesn't stack with itself, just as no other state-based effect does.

7.7. No idea. Doesn't matter either way, damage difference would be realistically negligible. Increase in shrapnel count increases shrapnel count. It's not just radius. Please read the power.

7.8. Please just read the power.

7.9. The DoT stacks with itself and damage reduction only lasts for the maximum duration of your power.

7.10. The DoT doesn't matter because 50 damage is close to 0 damage in practice. Regarding the damage bonus, just read the power description.

7.11. For any given target, only one Dark Channel can be active on it. They supersede each other.

7.12. By default, Concussive Shot doesn't prime targets, does detonate tech combos, and is incapable of detonating biotics. With the Amplification evolution, and with Warp Ammo applied, it still does not detonate biotics, despite the popular misnomer. Also, with Amplification it becomes capable of priming targets if Cryo or Incendiary Ammo is applied; however, this is negligible because most of the priming will still be done by gunfire with said ammo powers.


1. "Incendiary ammo cancels (absorbs) some of other DOTs in effect on target (incendiary ammo , warp , flamer and inferno grenade) and instead buff its own 6 DOT ticks (damage inflicted will be (much) higher than if the dots were to apply normally - this being the buggy part)" -->It seems that it doesn't occur in SP.

2 and 7.3-I meant Warp not warp ammo

7.8 -I meant w/ other DR. For instance after a biotic charge. But i was wrong it seems that it stacks EDITED

7.11-I know DC can be only active on at time per cast. EDITED (to be more clear) But if i use Shepard and Javik, do they stack?

Thank you  JShep (talk)

I'm sorry for misreading Warp for Warp Ammo. Here are some corrections.

4.5. By gameplay experience, I have a feeling that damage of power combos has multipliers against enemy protection similar to other effects of that kind, i.e. fire: ×2 against armor, biotic: ×2 against barriers and armor, electric: ×2 against shields and barriers. I'm not entirely sure about the exact values.

6. DoTs from different sources stack. DoTs from one power or ammo type might sometimes supersede each other, like Dark Channel does. This depends on the exact power. By their nature, DoTs are affected by whatever affects their source, and I don't believe that they are then further affected by bonuses — that would have made them "double-dip".

7.3. Effects of different powers usually stack. We have no reason to assume they would not. However, it shouldn't make any difference either way, because in most cases, you want to use a piercing mod on your gun, which makes armor weakening effects beyond the first redundant. Unclear about the DoT, but shouldn't make any difference either way because it's only 25% of power damage, which is already negligible. Warp is not a damaging power, it's a debuff / combo power.

7.8. Different DR effects stack.

7.11. My answer was targeted specifically at this case. I rephrased it for better clarity. Mitranim


4.5. They do: FE 200% against armor; BEs 200% armor and barriers

Thank you that answer most of my questions

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