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Hm, I haven't heard of such a glitch. Did you try to load the autosave and make sure you confirmed inviting everyone? - MA4585159 (talk)

Same thing happened to me. I haven't played Citadel again (got a lot of other games, and *gasp* other stuff, on my plate) to see if it happens again. I hope it doesn't. If the OP checks back, maybe see if we match up on the broad strokes to see if there's a commonality that might begin to explain a glitch? I had this happen (PS3 console) with:

  • Female Shepard
  • Kaidan as VS (and romance, carried over from ME1)
  • Wrex is alive
  • Mordin died in ME2, so I had no Citadel-related content for him (everyone else alive)
  • Paragon path (did not fake the genophage cure)

I doubt anything else would matter.

You could have pressed the wrong button

I think I found the problem. I individually invited everyone, then clicked the 'Invite All' button. It broke the options so none of the extras would be invited until later in the game, when I got to invite more people. NYRCarty36 (talk)

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