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I have always assumed that Nova damage is based on character's nominal shield amount, and is increased when the shields are boosted / decreased when the shields are not full. Let's say you have 500 shields and Nova is said to be doing 700 damage; when you boost your shield to 750 using Charge, Nova should do 1050 damage. Same with gear that increases shield percentage. The game always keeps track of "nominal" amounts of stats (before bonuses from gear and powers) and can use them to calculate power damage. However, I'm not sure it works that way. Have no way to test this in MP, unfortunately. Mitranim

When modifying your character, putting points into your HP & barriers does increase the damage value for Nova, so it appears to be based off your shield point value rather than percentage, though whether it's also affected by shield boosts from gear, Cyclonic Modulator cards, or other character bonuses (like the shield boost from the Demolisher's supply pylon), I don't know. 6thLyranGuard (talk)

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