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Spectre/ Veteran. The recruit packs are pretty useless, atleast they have been for me. Anish

Wait, how about those special packs? Do they have a higher chance of getting at least 1 Gold or N7 Rarity item? Orbrital

^ N7 items are useless and the special packs are not worth the extra 39K. Spectre all the way. Land Raider

It depends on what you need: if you really want the new characters/weapons then I would go with the new Resurgence Packs; if you're running low on Equipment, then I would spam the Recruit Packs because those have the greatest value for those things (when there aren't Equipment Packs available in the Store); but I would agree that the Spectre Packs are the best value overall.

^Spamming Recruitment Packs for equipment isn't a great idea. Any equipment you get will be low-leveled booster packs, and even the Medi-gel and Missile Launchers you get will only be in increments of one. I'd say saving for a Spectre Pack is nigh always the best idea (unless you want Resurgence rares, which, at this very oment, I do).

^^ For 60,000 credits you only get 5 (?) medi-gel/etc. in the Spectre Packs, and I think you get 1 and 1 of those things in each 5,000 credit Recruit Pack, for a total of 24. You're right that the ammos/gun/armor boosts you get won't be great, but it definitely makes sense in the former case.

Land Raider, the Paladin, Black Widow and Javelin are great weapons. Also, for the Resurgence Pack, I managed to get a Carnifex and the Asari Justicar. And also, Spectre Packs have a chance of giving more than 1 Gold Rarity items right? Orbrital

  • The Paladin is a hard-to-get rare N7 junk that is not worth the extra weight over the Carnifex, although by a mockery of randomness I got the Paladin way before the Carnifex (just got the latter yesterday). Black Widow? No idea, I'm happy with the standard one, I'm a reload freak anyway, extra two shots wouldn't matter to me. (You should see me reloading my GPSMG all the time, THAT's hilarious) Javelin? I have it. Worst SR 'ever'. Can't see ANYTHING through the scope (too distracting and weird-shaped) and it doesn't penetrate cover the way Widow does despite being advertised to do so. The delayed fire doesn't exactly help either. Land Raider
  • Take no heed of the ignoramous above. Javelin has the highest piercing power & damage of all the sniper rifles, the scope is infinitely superior to the smoke mod in every respect and, equipped on the geth infiltrator with proper power evolution, has the highest damage per shot on the multiplayer, shy of the cobra missle launcher obviously. The paladin's single shot stopping power over the carnifex is an obvious boon for Asari Adepts and an engineer's sidearm. And the black widow is a load of hot air. A vamped viper, though the N7 Valient is superior to both, and so is quite redundent. The one thing he got right. 12:31, April 22, 2012 (UTC)
  • I thought you could only get N7 weapons from commendation packs... in anycase the N7 Valiant is a good SR if a bit weighty, but with the Geth Infiltrator weight doesn't matter near as much. Personally i like to snipe with a Carnifex :) Byrdology
  • Paladin/Black Widow/Wraith aren't N7 weapons, just Ultra Rare. Only the Eagle, Hurricane, Valiant, and Crusader are N7 (as in, grey color scheme with "N7" on the side). As for Raider's comment, Paladin is hella useful on Asari Adepts. With 150% damage before Stasis breaks, a scope and high caliber barrel, and headshot damage bonus, you can use Stasis to snipe enemies in one shot, even on Silver. I got more headshots this way in one round of Silver than I did in my entire time as an Infiltrator or Soldier on MP. I've already got Rank III, and I imagine I won't get Carnifex X for a long time, if ever, so it'll probably stay my weapon of choice. And the RoF edge that the Black Widow has over the regular ensures greater total damage dealt over the long haul, especially if the Widow can't take out an enemy in one hit, and it happens to me all the time. But we're in agreement on the Javelin. Piece. Of. Shit. I'd like to know which geth program decided to give it a delayed fire, so I can delete it immediately. RShepard227
  • Actually, I got the grey color scheme with N7 on the side when getting Paladin and Javelin, so... Paladin useful on Adepts? LOL, good luck with the cooldowns, I prefer +200% on my Adepts. Stasis is supposed to be detonated, it's not there to help with headshots, though it can do that too. Land Raider
  • I meant on the gun itself, not the card background. What you're talking about indicates Ultra Rare. And BTW Mr. Troll Admin, if cooldowns were an issue for me, I'd run around with a Predator and Shuriken the whole game like the Engineer and Sentinel. :P It's actually not as bad as you think, still triple digits in the blue, decrease pistol weight by 30% is a big help, and Bubble makes Stasis better as a crowd controller than a combo detonator. With the headshot method, you increase the Adept's versatility, which works out better because I find myself with very unsupportive teams (rage-quitters, Leeroys, etc.) and have to fend for myself a lot. Blowing everything up hasn't exactly worked out for me on Silver, not enough damage or AoE, and you have to sacrifice one to get the other. I can also move between enemies with greater fluidity, than just explosion-spamming at 200%, but that's probably just my playstyle. Warp and Throw work just fine when I need an explosion (three ranks in Throw is plenty) and this combo has the added benefit of working on armor. Can't set up explosions on Pyros or Brutes with Stasis. In fact, the Paladin is a great supplement between explosions on Brutes (taking off armor joints specifically) and headshotting Banshees. Just remember to bring a scope. Even on Atlas and Geth Prime, a good gun is better against the shield layer, ready to fire Warp when the armor is exposed. And finally, nothing satisfies like two-shotting a frozen Phantom and watching her head asplode. >:D I can apply a similar concept to my Salarian Engineer, I just spam Energy Drain and line up shots while they're stunned. Again, cooldowns are no issue for him. RShepard227
  • EDIT: Ran my numbers, even with Paladin III, I'm 178% in the blue. The extra 22% isn't worth sacrificing the Paladin's damage. Maxed Warp cools down in 2.65 seconds without recharge time reduction, maxed Stasis cools in 3.5 with recharge reduction (didn't like the chance effect of the alternative), and Throw cools in one second. Salarian Engineer cools all powers in 3.17 seconds with, and I've still got room to go with upgrading the gun's weight and damage. RShepard227

Depends on what stage you are at in the game. I spammed recruit packs because you can get tons of them in the first days of multiplayer. This gives you all the medigel and rockets etc that you'll ever need. Do this until you have the mantis, predator and avenger all at X. These are good light fallback weapons good for use with low cooldown characters. Next you may want to go fo the heavy hitter weapons, your black widow and carnifex GPS and all that stuff. If thats your plan go straight for the spectre packs. Me I want my mattock up to X myself, and the phalanx at 5 can keep some adepts at 200% cooldown so veteran's for me with the occasional rare unlock. Contrary to popular belief no gun is absolute crap scopes clip size and cover penetration are all personal preference. The javelin delay in fire allow ME maybe not everyone to cancel a shot I know I won't make, also the damage bonus on geth infiltrator allows some of the most powerful shots possible. Can you say '10k damage in a single shot?' Ryanshowseason2

I agree. I'd advise you not to "skip steps". If your are new in MP, play Bronze only and spam Recruit Pack until you get the five starting weapons (Mantis, Avenger, Predator, Katana and Shuriken) to level X. In the same time, try to buy one or two Veteran/Spectre packs, as well as some "Special" Packs. After that, spam Veteran until all uncommon weapons are at level X (Vindicator, Mattock, Phaeston, Phalanx, Eviscerator, Scimitar, Raptor, Incisor, Viper, Locust, Tempest). Then, it's Spectre/Special all the way. Of course, it's IMHO, but that's what I did and I don't regret it. The only thing I regret is using my Medi-gel in bronze games XD Dracian ME

^ We all did stupid things when we were young. :) RShepard227

RShepard227, are the special packs worth buying? Because I bought a Resurgence pack, and it gave me a Striker Assault Rifle, Quarian Infiltrator (I was seriously hoping for a Quarian Engineer, goddarn it BioWare!!!!) and a Medi-gel Capacity upgrade (awesome!) And, which special packs are worth buying? (Premium Spectre Pack etc.) Orbrital

^The Premium spectre packs are usually not worth it. I felt the Resurgence pack was good(the thing which you can buy), but maybe that's just me. Anish

Anish, I absolutely agree with you on the Resurgence packs, they do have some really good stuff, anddd, is the Equipment Packs worth buying? Orbrital

I haven't really found the need to buy equipment packs yet, I play on silver all the time and I seem to have enough equipment from the spectre packs I am buying. Anish

If you're early in your development, I'd say go for Premiums. The extra 39,000 isn't that difficult to get, plus you're guaranteed two Rares as opposed to one. In the early stages those numbers amount to getting several useful items/characters, and getting two Rares would cost 120,000. In five Premium purchases, I got Paladin III without breaking a sweat, makes my life much easier for Adepts, despite what Mr. Raider thinks. Later on it's probably not worth it considering you're more likely to get "Lights" on a Rare character than something useful (like Quarian Engineer). Don't go for maxing the Recruit weapons (which are still useful at Rank X) until you can pull 29-30k in credits from Silver. If you're still on Bronze, buy a Recruit Pack if you lose, save for Veteran if you win, that's the rule I went with. Once you can ace Bronze, save for Spectres and Premiums, buy nothing else, and eventually you'll be Silver-ready. RShepard227

Umm... "Lights?" Orbrital

^ When you unlock multiple character cards, they give you xp boosts (worthless if you're level 20 in that class) and give you a new design option. "Lights" is among them, check under Appearance. In the grand scheme of things, they're bullshit. And the frequency of getting them seems to increase as items get "removed" from the lottery, by maxing a mod or weapon, but it doesn't increase the chances of getting other weapons or mods, you know, shit you can actually use. And you still get them, over and over again even after Lights and Skin Tone are unlocked, and I saw a screenshot of a guy who got two of the same f-ing character in the same Premium Spectre Pack. Which is why I wouldn't keep saving up for those packs when you've got the weapons and characters you want, you run the risk of wasting hours of work just to change the color of your character's armor. RShepard227

Well... I like armor customization, I like personalizing my weapons and characters xD Orbrital

Oh and, I am wanting to switch from Bronze to Silver, any tips on how to have a high success rate? Orbrital

For Silver, you should be a minimum of Level 15, N7 rank above 90 (shows proficiency with all classes, prevents you from getting kicked), and either: Recruit weapon at level X, Uncommon weapon at VII-X, Rare weapon at III or higher, or an Ultra Rare. Classes should be specced according to the strongest points of the class, with at least Rank 5 Fitness along Health/Shield lines, weight capacity upgraded in the Mastery tree, two most frequently used powers are maxed and the least used is Rank 3 (this is for level 20 characters, you get a total of 84 points to spend). Only one weapon on the powers-centric classes, try to get as close to 180-200% cooldown times as possible. 200% is essential with Sentinels, and can be easily achieved with Avenger X. Note that a Rare weapon is good enough to pass the screening process on Silver, but if you don't pull your own weight, expect some people to rage quit or kick you the minute the match fails. Getting through to Wave 6 on Silver only nets you 12-13k credits, as opposed to 15k for a full round of Bronze, and takes about 20 minutes to reach Wave 10, the length of a full Bronze. Lose before getting the 15k or so for Wave 10's challenge, and you're better off sticking to Bronze to save up for valuables.

Gold-ready characters are levels 18-20, have N7 rank of 110 or higher (you're bound to get kicked otherwise), and an Uncommon at Rank X, Rare at VII or higher, or Ultra Rare at IV or higher. Of course, these are just window-dressing, as people on Gold like to kick people without enough street cred. Surviving Gold is a whole other matter, it's difficult even with the right builds and Ultra Rare at Rank X. Furthest I got was Salarian Engineer, Paladin III, maxed Energy Drain and Incinerate, fighting Cerberus, didn't even finish Round 10. Staying together is the most important part of surviving Silver or Gold. Gold sometimes requires getting all four people to bunker down in one spot, leaving only to fulfill Challenges. Heavy risk, but the priiize. RShepard227

^I have fulfilled literally none of your conditions, and I play on silver al the time. Anish

Alright, that's a LOT of assumptions right here. Apparently, people on XBL are impatient paranoid freaks, because I play Silver with my Infiltrator since level 10/N7 90 (Widow I), played Gold as N7 110 with only a Phalanx III (Human Sentinel level 20) and in general, I rarely carry Rare or Ultra-Rare weapons and mostly rely on powers. The only instances where I see players kicked is if it's a power-based class (Adept, Sentinel, etc.) carrying a ridiculous amount of heavy weapons (Claymore AND Widow on an Asari Adept... can you go any worse?!) or a very low-level/N7 in a Silver/Gold match. And that has to be REALLY low, like below level 10 for Silver (btw, you don't have to stay together for Silver much, unless you're playing against Reapers. Gold, yes. Bunker down on Noveria and don't poke your nose out, 10 Geth Primes per wave is no joke). Land Raider

@Anish & Raider: My lists weren't mandatory minimums, it is a team effort after all, they were simply my advice on passing the "screening process" and having the tools to match your skill, enabling you to pull your own weight. I can't tell you how many times I got kicked for daring to carry a Mattock, or play Soldier, or have a character under level 15 (and that was never with those three put together). So Raider, you're right that a lot of people on XBL are paranoid. Ironic because when the match starts, they have no sense of team spirit, and you find yourself fending for yourself a lot, hence why I wrote the recommendations so absurdly high (I don't even have Phaeston III, I'll probably never see VII). If you find yourself on a good team, just stick together and you can pass with much lower requirements. I've only had a few "good" teams on Silver (as in, I don't need to play Salarian Eng. vs. geth to reach extraction), but the few times I've played Gold they knew what they were doing, so well that I felt like I wasn't doing enough for the team. So Silver generally seems to be the worst place to play: full of people that are too bored with Bronze, but too hotshot to keep it together where it counts. RShepard227

I appreciate the advice, but, with a team full of level 20 Adepts, facing the Reapers on Gold, is it easy if everyone keeps in constant communication and focus? Orbrital

Gold against Reapers will never be easy, I'd recommend Noveria and Geth for gold, easiest 70k you'll ever make. Basically if you want to do really well, you need to be with someone you know on gold. And I just plain refuse to carry anyone below level 15 through Gold. I don't care if they've got the Black Widow X, they'll still be dramatically lowering your chances of success. And seem to be much more likely to be a leech.

^ That's true, geth are the easiest on Gold. No fast-moving units (Nemesis, Phantom, Husk), no crazy-acrobatic units (Phantom), no insta-smash-you-good units (Banshee, Brute, Atlas). Just a flow of dumb enemies :) Land Raider

^I love the Geth, especially as a Quarian infiltrator. Anish

  • Quarian infil... LOL, no offense, but you're wasting time. Grab a Salarian Engineer and keep spamming Energy Drain, nothing else needed. Land Raider
  • I find Sabotage+ Widow pretty damn effective. When me and my friend both play as quarian infiltrators against the geth, we have almost finished it on gold, just the 2 of us. Anish

I have Phalanx as my favourite weapon I am a Turian sentinel but hoping to get drell adept for the Reave ability and nothing else... My first question is whats better (I know even if I do follow some strategies it will take ages for Asari Justicar but) Drell adept or Asari Justicar because I will pretty much just use Reave so cluster grenade, Biotic sphere I will barely ever use (I am not even exaggerating!) and second question : What heavy pistol would be best? Oh and what packs would be best?

  • Use Drell Adept. Pull + Reave = biotic explosions, Cluster Grenade for taking out large groups of enemies and dominating the scoreboard. Heavy Pistol is a great idea, Carnifex is best (+200% cooldown with Carnifex I and correct evolutions of passive training), if you don't have it, then Phalanx. (Paladin is too heavy and the clip is too small but might do as well) For getting the Carnifex, spam Spectre pack. A lot. Two Silver matches = Spectre pack. Depends on the random, though, some people get Carnifex right away and I had to try for two months. Land Raider

Land Raider, the Paladin has the same weight as the Carnifex -.-, and also, the Quarian Infiltrator has Sabotage, with AoE Sabotage on Geth Pyros, they will pretty much wreck havoc. Orbrital

  • I am playing MP right now and just checked it. Paladin IS heavier than Carnifex. Difference in 20% cooldown bonus in favor of Carnifex. Sabotage is a great power in SP, but in MP its usefulness fades as the focus is mainly on destroying enemies and NOT letting your squadmates do that. I personally can't stand "support" classes in MP and prefer playing with direct damage dealers. Land Raide

I find it humorous that people think the premium spectre/veteran packs are not worth the credits. They give you twice the rares/uncommons at less than half the price. How do you arrive at this conclusion that they aren't worth it? Are you THAT worried about equipment or too impatient to save up? Ryanshowseason2

Even more humorous that people discount the usefulness of the Quarian Infiltrator. Back when ME3 first dropped, a team of Quarian Infiltrators with nothing but Sabotage, basic weaponry, on gold, against the Geth was the easiest 70k I ever ma.

Recruit packs until you Max out all starters. Veteran packs until you Max all uncommons. Spectres forever after. As for everyone who can't do gold, use the asari adept. Any level paladin. You can use her from level one. Run maximum headshot damage. Only play against Cerberus. Use armor piercing ammo. As long as the rest of your tram has something to take down the altases, you will always be at the top of the list. At level 1-8, the best equipment to use is armor piercing rounds III, tartetting VI III, cyclonic modulator III. Attachments are your choice. Citehtnys

Play 11 full gold matches and then spam spectre packs, you should be able to get at least 18.Closednick101 (talk)

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